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Endangered Languages

Hello! Does anyone know of a good place to go to start learning endangered languages?

August 23, 2017



Why not here? Duolingo teaches Irish and Welsh, two endangered celtic languages.



Do you mean languages in a path of extinction?Well, I really don't know. But a good initial point for your research would be




Mango offer free (albeit very short) courses on five here. There is quite a bit of learning material for some languages and very little or none for many others, so it really depends quite which you want to learn.


I wouldn't have expected to see Dzongkha there, but it's good there's resources for it somewhere. Maybe the existence of Bhutan is just more tenuous than I imagine?


Bhutan did a couple of important things to secure its existence: it strictly limited (largely Nepali) immigration in the earlier part of the 20th century, and it joined the U.N. in 1971; I think its existence is reasonably secure for the time being. Sikkim did neither of these things, and was swallowed up and occupied; I wish there were half the resources there are for Dzongkha for Bhutia and Lepcha (the main languages of the real Sikkimese)—they are much more deserving and teetering on the brink of a death spiral into functional extinction.


It's not related to your question actually, but I had also opened a discussion with the same title, we've discussed a bit about them, here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23744872


Irish Gaelic and Welsh (both of which are offered from English speakers on Duolingo) are endangered languages, but you can see all language courses at here:

You can find full lists of endangered languages at here:


depends on what you define as an "endangered language", and what specific endangered language you're interested in. most borderline extinct languages are hard to learn without immersing yourself in whatever is left of the culture.


Well, it doesn't apply to the "start" part, but in many such languages, the Bible is one of the few written works. This site contains translations into a truly impressive collection of languages, including audio recordings in many instances.


It might be worth checking if Memrise has something you are after. Or you can even create something there if you want.

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