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What Languages Are The Easiest to Learn?

What Languages Are The Easiest to Learn? I would like to know what you think.

August 23, 2017



It's according to your native language generally. I can learn Mongolian easier for example, because my native is Turkish. A Russian can learn Polish easier, an American can learn Norwegian easier, a Japanese can learn Korean easier, an Arab can learn Hebrew easier.


It's not just Americans who find Norwegian the easiest; It's anyone whose native language is English.


I was just giving examples, of course every Germanic language speaker can learn it easily. It is also easy for Ukranians to learn Polish, but I didn't need to tell about it since anyone can easily search language families on google.


Or a Germanic language in general.


Yep. But Norwegian is still the easiest.


Yes. I wanted to refer to Norwegian being easier for Germanic language speakers in general in contrast to English / American.


You are learning a lot of languages


It depends most on what you are motivated to learn, if you are super hyped to learn Russian but unmotivated to learn Swedish then Russian will seem so much easier and studying Swedish will seem like a chore. Even though objectively Russian is considered harder.


Assuming that you speak English as a native language, the Scandinavian trio (Swedish, Norwegian and Danish), Dutch, German, Afrikaans, and most of the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese....) are easier than most other languages.

It'll be different depending on the person. A Korean speaker, for example, will be able to learn Japanese and Finnish easier than an English speaker because Korean shares many similarities to Japanese and Finnish shares many grammatical similarities to Korean. But a Korean speaker needs to learn the Latin alphabet to be able to read Finnish, while an English speaker (already having learnt the Latin alphabet) just needs to learn a few new letters and a few different ways of pronouncing things.

It also depends on motivation. If you love Turkish things, it might be easier for you to learn Turkish than Dutch, especially if you don't have any desire to learn Dutch.


I speak most of the Romance languages


They dont appear on the list but if anyone wants to know, most people seem to consider Welsh and Irish Catagory 4.


Nevertheless, maybe you, the English speakers, would want to try Frisian, the English closer cousin.


It also depends on your previous knowledge of foreign languages and cultures and on your interests.


What I do think? Oh well, as a Spanish speaker I guess that Portuguese and Italian would be relatively easy to learn for me. But, since I don't choose to learn languages for their ease...


It honestly depends on your native language. If it is English, it would actually be Norwegian, or a romance language like Spanish or Latin. If it is Spanish, the easiest would be Portuguese, or French. Vologirl-chan has good examples.


Hi Kateri!

What is your mother tongue?


English. Yours?


Esperanto !

Having studied many languages at school and afterwards, i can say that you can learn and fluently speak esperanto in less than six month.

It is also a proven good base to learn other languages (in particular if you are european).

Unfortunately, there are not that many people speaking esperanto to be met in real life (although there are now many more thanks to Duolingo). And there is no political force to promote the language. A shame in my opinion.

I studied Esperanto about forty years ago, while at the university. I tought i had forgotten everything but now I am experiencing it again with Duolingo and, to my greatest surprise, it is coming back very well.

By the way here is a link to a map of the lexical proximity of the european languages



Do you hablo Esperanto



jes mi parolas esperanton

y yo hablo español tambien

and i do speak english as well


depends on your native/fluent language(s). if you speak a germanic language, a germanic language such as german, dutch, norwegian, etc. would be easiest to learn. if you speak a romance language, a romance language such as spanish, italian, portuguese, etc. would be easiest. slavic language: polish, russian, czech, etc. assuming you speak english, a romance language or germanic language would be easiest.


Okay. Makes sense


according to your native if you are spanish the easiest for you will be portoguese


English creole languages are very easy too but they are not very common they are found in Jamaica barbados and papua new guinea


Languages that are designed to be easy to learn, such as Esperanto.

Languages that are closer to your own language or languages you already know (in the same language family).

Languages for which you have a passion.


Completely agree !


It depends on the individual's abilities and what their native language is and all that. However, Esperanto is really easy. Really, REALLY easy. It's probably the easiest language I've ever tried to learn. I'm taking a break from it because of reasons, but it's not going to be as hard to reach fluency as the other things I'm learning will be.

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