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anyone know any German movie websites?

I'm going to Germany pretty soon and I want to brush up on my German skills. I've been listening to my favorite Disney movies in German but Id like to see a full movie in it, not just the singing parts since the tempo with those can go anywhere due to timing or trying to fit words in. i was wondering if there's any websites out there that are easy to navigate (because some tabs are in German that I don't know yet)

August 23, 2017



I know

Netzkino also has a YouTube-Channel:

I don't know if the movies are watchable outside of germany. You have to try.

Have fun!


Amazon, Netflix offer a lot of movies in german.
Additionally if you are not fearing the mass of terrible adds kinox.to its a database for movies that are uploaded on free sites. The free sites usually have a lot of terrible adds, but for that they are free. The search function works like any search function, but you might need the german title (they also have english and rarely some other languages for the movies uploaded) or just choose something from the recent uploads.


Hi Taffy, a good way to learn a language is to watsch daily soaps. The language is rather simple and the content is not too ambitious. So if you can bear the trash it's an opportunity.

German soaps are:

gzsz (gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten)

Verbotene Liebe

Lindenstraße (be careful it's really trashy^^)

Have a look on youtube. There you can find the episodes with subtitels witsch is very helpful for the beginning.

regards Angel


A good source is the Mediathek from ARD: http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv

All free, legal and mostly not too stupid! ;-)


Youtube has a lot of movies in German on it, dude. Just search 'movies in German'. Pretty big selection. http://www.freeintertv.com/view/id-1837/Germany-1-0-1 I find this site useful for watching German movies or TV channels.


This has a lot of channels including the Disney German channel, but the Disney channels does not work most of the time. https://www.firstone.tv/Live/Germany


https://dailyvs.club/ is an great streaming website with a lot of lonely german videos of your choice.

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