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Bonus Skill - How do I get my third bonus skill?

March 30, 2014



Christmas is 11 days away. Where is the Christmas skill?


Reading comments on this topic that it is only released @ Christmas (or at least it was one year). Is there any official statement from Duo on what's the plan for this? I would like to get my 3rd bonus skill.


I missed it...AGAIN...Duo, won't you please come out with new bonus skills for me? Maybe for my birthday??


I missed it too :( Not sure for how long was it available but I used to check the lingot store every 2-3 weeks


It would be nice if there were more bonus skill options besides just Christmas..


Well it's now the new year (2017) and no sign of my third bonus skill! Very disappointing! It's the only thing left for me to complete! What do we have to do?


Seems like this has been requested for a long time by lots of your faithful users... HEY DUO!, How about a response?


it's Christmas. on a PC. skill cannot unlock or buy my third bonus skill. Que lastima!


The third bonus skill was a Christmas skill. It disappeared from the store after the holiday (anyone who had purchased it still has it, but the ability to buy it disappeared). It will likely become available again in December, although I expect some other bonus skills will come out before then.


Have they? It is almost December now...


I don't know, I purchased the Christmas skill last year so I don't think I would be able to see if it's back in the store. If you don't see it, then I would guess not! But it came out pretty close to Christmas last year... like mid-December if I remember correctly. Since it's not new anymore - it's already developed and ready to go - I would guess that if they're re-releasing it it would be around December 1st.


Cool, I'm excited.


Haha yes me too a full year after this was written and 2 years after it was first released by the looks of it


The Christmas skill is back. Bought it today. Get it while you can!


December is over how can i get it :(


Unfortunately, you'll have to wait till next December. Unless someone has discovered a workaround?


You guys are so weird


I think Christmas skills are cool

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