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  5. "She speaks while eating."

"She speaks while eating."

Translation:Ea vorbește în timp ce ea mănâncă.

August 23, 2017



Note: The second "ea" (from "ea mănâncă") is unnatural and unnecessary. It is redundant when it refers to the same person (who speaks) and it is ineffective when it refers to another person, as it doesn't make any clear distinction between the two.

Any native would most likely say: Ea vorbeşte în timp ce mănâncă.


Can one help me elaborate the meaning/difference between "Ea vorbește când mănâncă" and "Ea vorbește în timp ce ea mănâncă" -- more specifically, the use of "când" -- is it "while"? And "în timp ce ea mănâncă" meaning "in the time she eats" ?



"când" is "when". "în timp ce" (in the time that...) means "while"

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