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youtube channels about living in Germany

Hi everyone, I´d like to introduce you two of my favorite channels on youtube. For me watching is always funny and interesting. It´s interesting for me how people see my home country and what's for them strange oder new. And funny is how this two are showing this diferences in their videos.

Wanted Adventure https://www.youtube.com/user/WantedAdventure/featured

Discription: Hey everyone! I’m Dana, an American living abroad in Germany. I make videos about the cultural differences between Germany and the USA, my own personal experiences as an American living abroad in Germany, and things that fascinate...or even sometimes frustrate me about languages and the German language in particular.

rewboss https://www.youtube.com/user/rewboss/about

Discription: A Brit, curious about everything around him, lives in Germany and has a video camera. Here are his videos about the life and the culture of this country.

What do you say?

Regards Angel

August 23, 2017



I also watch Wanted Adventure from time to time and find it brillant. I also like:

Antoinette Emily is an expat from New Zealand living in Germany with her family.

I also very much like Emily Bland, a Brit living in Berlin.

Kate Müser is from California and has been living in Germany for over 13 years. She keeps this channel.


I like rewboss


His videos of various locations and events in Germany are wonderful and informative. As a funny aside, he made a trip to SanFrancisco area for a Google conference some years ago. His videos of the trip including sights and history of the area were just as great. I've lived in California since I was pre-school age. Still he came up with interesting things that I didn't know about.


Magauchsein is good, as is Meister Lehnsherr.

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