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Forced into learning two languages at once. Need advice.

So, I've been doing Esperanto fairly regularly for the past month or so and I've made good progress. I take it really slow but try to get to some level of proficiency before I move on. However, I am now starting work towards my undergrad now that I have my 2 year degree. I need to take Spanish all four semesters that I am here. I really am enjoying Esperanto and I can already tell that it is a friendlier language to beginners than Spanish. However, I really do need Spanish, and it needs to be Spanish. Do I just try to do both at once? Will I mix up the two languages? Should I drop Esperanto for two years? What about until Winter and Summer breaks? I need advice, especially from someone who has been in my shoes before. Thanks in advance.

August 23, 2017



You have a lifetime to learn languages. If I were you, I'd put all of my focus and energy on Spanish and return to Esperanto later. Since you've gone slowly and made good progress, then you probably have a very solid foundation instead of just a passing knowledge that will quickly fade away. When you come back to Esperanto you will likely find that with a little practice it comes back quickly. A month of study is not that much in the grand scheme of things, so it should not be difficult to make up even if you feel like you are starting from scratch. Best wishes for your Spanish studies. I hope you enjoy it. :-)


I would suggest that you focus on Spanish, and just strengthen your Esperanto, but not learn more in Esperanto. I'm doing several languages at once, and I find that if I learn 2 at once, I tend to mix up the words. However, if I focus on one and just strengthen the other, I find that I don't mix up the words, and the second languages is still waiting for me where I left off (I didn't forget the second language). Hope this helps! :)


Although I haven't been in this situation specifically i would recommend that you do spanish but don't drop esperanto. You probably won't mix up the two. Doing esperanto during winter and summer breaks is a good idea as well. Just make sure to practice spanish for a little bit during those days off so that you don't forget any words. I hope this helped! :)


Thanks guys! I think I will follow the general consensus and only strengthen my Esperanto, while learning and strengthening Spanish. I will likely switch the two roles during extended school breaks. Maybe I'll dabble a little in Duolingo's Spanish program to fortify my class skills. I think it teaches it better than my University teacher tbh, which is kind of sad.


I also learn more than one language at once - including spanish and esperanto - without mixing them up. It's not a problem. Here is how I proceed.

During the week, in the morning, when I wake up, still lying in my bed, I study one of the language (hungarian) with the app for half an hour..

On the evening, before going to sleep, I study another one (esperanto) for half an hour on the web site. Of course, hungarian and esperanto are very different languages so, there is no risk of mixing them up.

During the week end, I only do the third one (spanish). Since there are many similarities between spanish and esperanto, I keep them far apart, different days, times and places (one in the bedroom, the other in the linving room).

When I was in secondary school we had Dutch and English every week but on different days, and also German once a week during lunch time. I never mixed them up although Dutch and German are very near.

The key of success is :

  • Never try to switch immediately form one language to the next.
  • Keep them apart when learning : different weekdays, hours and places.

(this is a must during the exams)


focus on spanish, as it is more useful, and once you become comfortable with it, pick up esperanto again.



Currently I can not access this website. Hopefully it will be back soon.

You could check how much has Esperanto in common with Spanish.
If they do, you might confuse words, like everyone keeps telling about Spanish and Portuguese with ~89% lexican word similarities or other Romance languages.

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