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"Een slagerij verkoopt alleen vlees."

Translation:A butcher shop sells only meat.

1 year ago



Can you put "alleen" in different places to get different meanings? I could say: "A butcher shop sells only meat," "A butcher shop only sells meat," or "Only a butcher shop sells meat,"

and they mean respectively that: "A butcher shop does not sell anything but meat," "A butcher shop does nothing with meat but sell it," and "No shop but a butcher shop sells meat."

How would I express those different meanings in Dutch?

3 months ago


Why butcher shop and not just butchery?

5 months ago

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Because we never call them "a butchery" in English. It's either "a butcher", "a butcher's" (with the "shop" being implicit), or "a butcher's shop".

There is an English word "butchery", but it doesn't mean: "the shop where you buy meat". It means the act or practice of butchering - i.e. killing and cutting up. Rather horrifically, it's not necessarily confined to meat preparation. It could refer to a particularly gruesome murder, or events on a battlefield etc.

5 months ago