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  5. Why is my fluency going down??


Why is my fluency going down??

So when I first started German with Duolingo. I tested out of the first 8 lessons, and my fluency was at 6%. As I continued doing new lessons, my fluency went down to 5%. And NOW I have completed about 23 lessons and my fluency has gone down again to 4%. All of the lessons are gold (meaning I went back and increased proficiency. Which I do every single day before starting new lessons). And it's not like I'm getting a ton of questions wrong either. I've never run out of health...

What am I doing wrong?

August 24, 2017



The fluency will fluctuate from time to time, depending on how much and what material you've practiced. Usually, it will max out between 50% and 60% fluent, but users have achieved higher and lower fluency percentages. It's based on the accuracy of your solutions in learning sessions and the progress you've made in that specific course.

If you haven't already, please see this article from Duolingo's Help Center thoroughly explaining what the fluency percentage means:


You aren't doing anything wrong. However, the Fluency Percentage is extremely inaccurate. Don't worry about it. It's not worth worrying about.


My rating went down at first, and stayed in the 12-14% range for the entire time I was completing the tree. Once I'd finished the tree and was only revising it started to go up.

I'll second the comments above saying don't worry too much about it.


don't worry, the fluency percentage is inaccurate. i'm certainly not even done with 30% of my german tree, and my percentage is 30% fluent. i wouldn't worry about it, just try to keep those lessons gilded.


Don't worry, I would advise you not even look at the fluency score the fluency is always so inaccurate!


@Woof..... i know. trying to keep fluency up is a pain in the glutius maximus. dont sweat it StarlessRogue


Thanks guys, I figured out the problem though. Fluency doesn't increase at all when I practice with the mobile app. It only goes down. Now that i've done like 2 lessons online - It jumped from 2% to 7%...


Actually I've noticed that too. I do most of my lessons on my phone and it did eventually stop going down from mobile.

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