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Why do you follow people?

I mean, now that Activity Streams no longer exist, what are some of the reasons why you follow other users? Not criticizing, just curious.

August 24, 2017



We can see each others XP on our leaderboards.


I just like following my family and friends. Sure, it may not seem like much, but it's fun seeing how far they have advanced in Duolingo. Also, it's fun competing with others, so I follow nice people who follow me.


I follow other people because for me it's motivating to see other people practice Duolingo and advance which motivates me to do the same.


I really liked the possibility to ask questions directly from other users who were native Germans (I am learning German here at Duolingo). Now that this feature has been turned off the only value of following others seems to be the possibility to see how many XP-s they have earned during the last week or month. It seems good for schools - a language class can follow each other whilie learning as a group.

I would really like to get back the possibility to post questions in Duolingo directly to these people who I am following and who are also my followes. I guess that several people were overloaded with incoming posts, but everyone can exclude too active followers at any time and thus reduce the load.


If I've had a pleasant interaction and/or admire their approach or accomplishments. To be honest, it's not a feature that I use all that often.


If anyone was friendly to me, and it was more than once, then I usually like to follow them, especially if they are active and have a possibility of following you back. Reminds me, is it okay if I follow you? ☺


If you were talking to me, go ahead!


I follow friends, family, or just some people to compete with them, so their experience, and you can see if they've been on that day by their streak etc.♥♥♥


I find trying to beat their weekly and monthly XP motivating (and a worthy challenge). Maybe one day I'll be thinking about the all time leaderboard as well... only 990,000 to go! :)


Earlier in the post-Activity days, I added people figuring that the list might come to have a more substantive meaning at some point in the future when whatever succeeds Activity comes into being. And for all I know, such could eventually be relevant again.

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