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Just wondering...{Help}


I'm learning a lot on here, but after I quit and try to speak German... I can't remember anything I just learned, how can I change that? And how can I learn to roll my R's?

August 24, 2017



hello there!! you'll just have to practice it until you get it. practice practice practice! as for the R rolling, it's very difficult to teach, you just kind of have to learn. if you play an instrument and can flutter tongue on it, that is extremely close to R rolling, if you dont play an instrument you'll just have to practice a ton! hope this helped!!


welcome :) good luck with your German and R rolling!!


Rolling R can be extremely difficult for some people and others will find it easy! Just try the best you can!


Dulingo imho isn't very good for cramming vocabulary. However, Memrise complements Duolingo very well in that regard. There's a word list for the Duolingo German-from-English course available. Maybe you want to give that one a try?


I don't think you should stress yourself out because of the R. As far as I am concerned, I know a lot of Germans who cannot roll the R's.


Yes, don't worry about pronouncing words badly. Nobody can speak a language with the exact right accents unless they started learning the language since they were born


It may be that you were going too fast. If you want to truly learn a language, there is no choice but to go at a steady pace, no matter how rushed you feel. ☺ I hope this helps, and as for the R's, I don't know how to help, because I just know how to roll my tongue, I never really learned. Sorry :(


Most likely. Thank you :)


try talking to yourself using the words and phrases.


maybe you're going too fast? slow down a bit and try focusing more on remembering the words you know than learning new ones. i usually practice my german until almost everything i've been taught in a lesson can be remembered before moving on to the next lesson.


That sounds perfect! Thank you :)


no problem! good luck!


What is this 'rolling r' thing about? I rrrrrarely rrroll my r when speaking German. I know, it is usual in certain regions (southeast, Austria), but elsewhere? Sometimes it sounds more like a very short a (dea Bäa instead of derrr Bärrr)

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English-speaking beginners often don't realize that there's more than one way to pronounce "r" in German, so they sometimes use the term "rolling" to refer to any or all of them. I think that this is what's happening here :).



For me, a rolling "R" is like the one used in Spanish.

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Yes, that's the usual meaning as far as I know. It could also be that the questioner specifically means the Spanish-style "r", and doesn't know that it's not the usual pronunciation in most of Germany.


The 'r' is pronounced differently in lots of languages and when you're an English speaker you will find that lots of languages have an 'r' different to the English one. 'Rolling an r' is not the right way of saying it, it's just a different 'r'!

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'Rolling an r' is not the right way of saying it

The Oxford English Dictionary defines "roll" as "To pronounce (a consonant, esp. an r) with a vibration of the tongue or vocal cords." You can also find the term in books like The Pronunciation of English (Jones, 1956) and scholarly articles like this one. For me, that's enough to consider it a correct usage, but of course you're free to avoid it if you prefer.


Somewhere I read a hint about rolling the r. It said you have to keep saying the word "Practice" except that you need to insert a "D" straight after the P and say "Pdractice" . It seems to get the tongue in the correct position. Hope that you find it helpful.


The known issue is that you have to type too much in English for a DuoLingo normal/forward course (EN-DE), especially in the beginning of the tree (I have my doubts that this changes at 1/2 or 3/4 of the tree).

You will just be trained in REMEMBERING words, not in RECALLING them.
Recall means: Type the word (no multiple-choice) in the L2 target language: German!

No hints. No tapping. No multiple choice. No audio multiple choice. No assign word to picture excercises. No select 1 word of 3 from list box (fill in the blanks) excercises....
L2 typing is MUCH more difficult!

Only the reverse tree DE-EN will fix that on DuoLingo (web).

The other issue is the lacking of transparent daily (weak, incorrect answered, difficult) words reviews and some short-term spaced repetition intervals, like I have it on Memrise: 4-5h/12/24h++ hours.

You never know WHAT words from a (bigger, 10 lessons) skill DuoLingo presents in strengthen excercises.
Surely it can not let you review ~70 words from a skill 5-12/24 hours like I have to do on Memrise. If I remember correctly, there are (sometimes) even 3h review intervals, if you give incorrect answers.

One more benefit:
Memrise has additional 6 flower planting steps to learn words.
This better helps in hammering them into your head :-) DuoLingo just throws in the words in orange (if you are lucky) one to max two/three times in a learning session.

As pointed already out there are DuoLingo German courses on Memrise, which you could use in parallel to DuoLingo for complementation.
With additional Memrise user scripts on the web you can quickly switch to L2 target language "German" typing for review and kill all those stupid multiple-choice excercises.

If you do not like Memrise, AnkiSRS, FlashCards Deluxe, SuperMemo and what the name of all flashcard maybe try DuoLingo Tinycards: http://tinycards.duolingo.com


It helps if you train vocabulary on a daily basis. It's better to learn in a marathon fashion, a little bit every day, than as a sprint, trying to keep lots at once. Furthermore, use a german textbook in addition to Duolingo. Examples are (http://tinyurl.com/yafqrdvl) and (http://tinyurl.com/ycz5cv2v), but there many others, browse a few in your local bookstore, read what other learners say about it and pick one for yourself. I suggest that you pick a book that teaches German but has all relevant explanations in English, instead of a book that is completely in German. Also, try to find an App that enables you to talk to native German speakers who want to learn your native language.

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