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  5. "Their animals are eating."

"Their animals are eating."

Translation:Leurs animaux mangent.

August 24, 2017



Is there a liason between leurs and animaux?


What's the difference between ses and leurs?


In this case, leurs is used because there are multiple owners. It is not the animals of one person, but two people.

  • One person: Ses animaux sont à la maison. = His animals are home.
  • Two people: Leurs animaux sont à la maison = Their animals are home.

Another example (pay attention to leur vs leurs): Tes amis vont apporter leur jeu d'échec et leurs cartes? = Your friends are going to bring their chess and their cards?


'Leurs animaux sont en train de manger' was marked wrong. Is there a problem with that translation?


"Les animaux sont en train de manger" is now accepted. Thanks!

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