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  5. "Sparo gelte ñuhon issa?"

"Sparo gelte ñuhon issa?"

Translation:Whose helmet is mine?

August 24, 2017



Is this not an entirely tautological question?


I think it's meant to be "Which helmet is mine?" and you can only tell from the context. Compare with a phrase from Animals - "Sparior qintir ñuhor qintir issa?", translated as "What turtle is my turtle?". "Whose turtle is my turtle" would be incorrect (unless you were speaking to your turtle and tickling it under the chin as you spoke).


I understand that (I think that is the translation I entered—and it was accepted); I just thought it very odd that someone would choose a near-nonsensical English sentence as the model answer.


I think turtle is being used here as a "typical" noun for learning purposes. There is a phrase (in Commands) "Qintir emās, taobus" which means "Have a turtle, boy". And (in Basics 2) "Drogo qībōños zōbrie issa" - "Drogon's cloak is black" when Drogon is not really noted for wearing cloaks.

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