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How many words can you learn with duolingo french?

Been working at my french for 5 days less than a year. Finished the tre last October, and my fluency is has been at 62% for a couple of months. I' be just noticed that the number of words I've learnt very slowly creeps up and is now 2779. How high will it go? Incidentally I spend almost 5 months a year in franch and there are a few words that would be useful for living over here. The names of fruits and vegetables and garden names would be more useful than learning about prisoners and robots!

August 24, 2017



I finally finished the tree last week . Actually for the third time but each time it was expanded and my word count is now 4976. So I guess that I’ve finally answered my own question!


Best to ask this in the French for English Duo forum (you can move it by editing the post)


About 2,000 words. For a C1, you need to know 8,000. and for a C2, 16,000. C1 and C2 is near native speaker level. 2,000 words is B1.

A1 500

A2 1,000

B1 2,000

B2 4,000

C1 8,000

C2 16,000


Unless a course contributor or staff member answers you, any answer is unlikely to be definitive.

It might be that someone out there will be able to say to you that they have a higher number, but that still won't mean it is the maximum number. For comparison, with a complete tree and almost no extra strengthening, my French tree has 1847 words.

It has also been said (by some users of Duolingo, but perhaps not by staff themselves) that these are lemmas not individual words.

If you need to revise nouns in a particular area of knowledge, you are probably better off making your own flashcards (physical cards, or Anki, or Tiny Cards, or Memrise) than hoping Duolingo might supply them. A French book on gardening probably would be a good idea too.


Adam had answered me about possible Portuguese tree updates and posted a link in one my (very much) older "100 days streak Portuguese / Memrise 1.000.000 points" thread https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20736135$comment_id=21042814 about this:

"The content of duolingo courses. A ''short'' summary (by BIGBANG-O)": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17443899


Rather than buying a book on gardening I used some practical experience and I found it was very useful. So when my almost new lawn tractor wouldn't start I learnt and used the words to explain it in the shop. I have never forgotten those words. I would try to talk more french when I'm over here unfortunately they speak a version of french patois here which is really difficult to comprehend. Ironically just 30 kmaway they speak a very pure form of french and there are many language schools there.


I've done the Italian tree and keep on practicing and the number of words I've learnt is around 4000, Duo says. So carry on learning ...


After more than 2 years of French, 44,264 XP and fluency score 64.88, my word count stands at 2958. It rose from 2919 on July 4th, 39 additional words in 51 days.


Just done the french fluency test and was B2 so I guess the word count is relatively accurate as mine stands at 2782 and you need about 4000 for level B2. I know I know more words than the duolingo total with spending so much time in france.


I have a word count of around 5025, and boy was it gained with a lot of blood sweat and tears - they really make you work for it - at one point six months back my word count was 5125, then they pulled the rug out from under me and dropped me back to around 4700 - I was absolutely furious about this - but continuing to work on it to get to that elusive C1 - C2 level

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