"Today I check my shoes."

Translation:Oggi io controllo le mie scarpe.

March 10, 2013

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Fine. The only problem I have with this one is that the tooltip suggests word "conto" instead of "controllo" and that is not accepted. Mistake perhaps?


Man, these shoes are completely out of control!


Sorvegliare is offered as a hint yet you cannot use it in the answer, how stupid is this.


"Oggi io sorveglio le mie scarpe" was deemed incorrect eventhough 'sorvegliare' was the top choice !


Yeah, Sorvegliare translates as "watch over"


I seem to be losing interest in Duo as the questions or statements that we are required to write contain vocabulary that has never been used before as it was explicitly illustrated in the earlier lessons. How can one answer a question when one doesn't have a clue what the words in the question are? In the earlier lessons, new words were highlighted and used repeatedly until the learner had become familiar with them.


Simple business model: start off nice and easy, draw in customers, get them used to the app, then start increasing the difficulty (unfairly, as you no doubt know) in order to try to convince you to start finally paying for the app. The idea is that you'll probably get so used to the app that there's a likelihood of you actually doing so; it appeals to our need for reward so we always want our next dopamine hit. Yes! I've passed the next level, acquired gems, unlocked this/that/the other, but in reality you've almost learnt nothing of value. If you really want to learn Italian, invest in a proper language course and/or book, and get talking to natives. I suggest doing what I do, only use DL as I means to rehash sentences to make speaking, reading and writing Italian more and more automatic. For learning new material? Never.


I thought "my shoes" was often expressed as just "le scarpe" in Italian, does "oggi controllo le scarpe" not work here?


"Oggi verifico le mie scarpe" cannot be correct? It was not accepted.


duolingo is useless if the hints they give us are categorically incorrect or not accepted


why can't we put oggi at the end. is that a rule?


Please put the correct clues in to match the correct answers. Why is this so hard for you to do?


What is the meaning of contollo? And why is it not the hint.


Darn it! I forgot "le" again!


If Duolingo can't get its own advice right (the hover) how can they teach anybody? It infuriates me.


What's the difference between miei and mie?


miei is for masculine plurals, mie for feminine plurals.


Clearly an Australian.


choices 2 and 3 are both correct, there is a mistake in the program that needs fixing


Please report mistakes in the report field.

If you have questions, please copy the text here, since the people that drop by here won't read the questions you had to reply to.

Sorry to bother, please forgive me, but there are not many other people helping me in answering... :(


Also for this 'question' it isn't always in the choice of three option, so you need to be more specific, and as marziotta says, if you do think it's a mistake on their part then use the 'report a problem' button. This section isn't for that.


Used controllo before and was marked incorrect


What is the meaning


Oggi io conto le mie scarpe

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