"Doing my homework I got tired."

Translation:Făcându-mi temele, eu am obosit.

August 24, 2017

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I have 2 questions about this sentence: 1) Is the "eu" in the main clause necessary? 2) What is the function of the "-mi" ? (from dative or an indicator of the possessive?) I.e. Why is "Făcând telemel mele,..." not accepted?


the "eu" is not necessary. as for your second question, all i can say is "făcând temele mele" sounds wrong/unnatural and it makes more sense to use the reflexive(?) verb "îmi fac", thus the "-mi"


Thanks for your quick response and the clarification! I was pretty sure the eu was optional. Will look some more into the structure of the second part - surely there are other examples.


Is făcându an irregular very or why is there a "u" at the end? The other gerunds don't seem to have that.


The u is there to ease pronunciation. If a pronoun is combined with the gerund, you always add u to the gerund (before the pronoun), except in the case of o (e.g. văzând-o, eu am fugit).

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