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German level after finishing the entire course

After one finishes the German course in duolingo, which level will he or she be at? (level as in A1 or A2 and so on)

August 24, 2017



Once you understand everything in the course you could be A2 at most in reading if you only use Duolingo and A1 at most in listening and speaking


You could be B1 too. I don't know how many words the German course teaches but:

A2 1,000 words

B1 2,000 words.


Well, I finished german tree and it is 2538 words. I would also say it is B1 level after you are done with the whole tree.


i'd say A1 or A2. maybe even B1.


There is not exact correlation between Duo and CERF. You will have most words for B1 (if you memorize them), most grammar for B1, but not everything, not everything even for A1. Your listening and reading comprehension will be about A1 and speaking below A1. The speaking part is because Duo does not teach simple, but very useful phrases, such as what's your name, where do you live, where do you work, what is your profession etc. The listening part is the worse, we only listen to a computer, never to humans.

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