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  5. "Ābri hontī ipradis."

"Ābri hontī ipradis."

Translation:The women are eating the bird.

August 24, 2017



Wow, so far we were loving the birds and hearing the birds... And the birds were happy and smiling. Now we are straight up eating them.


This event is also remember as the "Red Wedding of the birds"!


Hah, why cant it be "The women are eating bird"? That seems correct to me, although it could just be my Midwestern dialect (EDIT: nevermind, it did the honti thing, my bad)


The "eating bird" sense of eating any kind of bird or simply "bird meat" would be expressed in HV with a different ending (collective, I believe). Just keep in mind that HV has a lot of those and so it's hard at this point for us to be too inventive or stray from what we've learned without stumbling on something we haven't learned yet or end up saying something wrong. We'll get there! Biarves, ñuhos raqiros. :)


How can I tell the difference between "bird" and "birds" when it is the accusative?


Both bird and birds in the accusative form are identical – hontī. So, "ābrī hontī ipradis" can translate to "The women are eating a/the bird" or "The women are eating (the) birds".

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