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the logout page

I know this is a rather silly question (feel free to downvote), but I was wondering exactly why there was a picture of the world and space on the logout page.

August 24, 2017



It is because duolingo will one day have all the languages of the world and will help all people to learn different languages. And by now it has many languages as you might have checked out and also languages are in beta or going to be launched soon.


There are 6,000 languages. They're not going to add all of them.


Agree with the last 2 comments!!! It's a cool page layout though; why not!!! And I upvoted you! (smile) Have a great day!♥♥♥


This is not a silly question at all! I don't know the precise answer but I have always thought that there is a picture of the world because you can get to learn the languages of all the countries in the world!

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