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Is it my Imagination or is the French tree super picky about typos?

other trees I have done have been more forgiving but it seems in the french tree even one letter off will ding me everytime.

August 24, 2017



Yes! I noticed that yesterday. It was really annoying that I didn't complete the strengthening practice because I got pissed off; sometimes I write all mixed up letters in other trees, and it is just approved, and the French tree is there marking the sentence as false because I wrote Hallo instead of Hello!


I've noticed that too. However, I find the French language in general a lot more fussy about details than other languages.

In my mind the ancient French just sat around in their salons thinking up new grammatical rules and laughing at those who get them wrong. Unless one of them accidentally makes a mistake, then they immediately make up an arbitrary exception to the rule.

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