Translation:Es geht.

August 24, 2017



I'm a native speaker and I was really confused about this. Nobody use this in German. I never ever hear this before. When somebod ask me "how are you" and I'm feeling between god and bad I would say "geht so" but not "so-so". Is doesn't make any sense.

Ich hab sowas noch nie jemand sagen hören und ich lebe mein ganzes Leben lang schon in Deutschland! Es wundert mich, dass das noch niemand aufgefallen ist. Wenn mich jemand fragt wie es mir geht und ich was zwischen gut und schlecht antworten will, dann sag ich "geht so" aber doch nicht "so-so".

September 27, 2017


I think "so-so" is the English expression, and the German translation is "Es geht" which is very similar to what you suggested.

October 14, 2017


Even then as a native english speaker I've only heard someone say so so maybe once or twice in my life at most.

July 22, 2018


I'm from China and I thought 'So-So' is really like Chinglish (Chinese English). Such as: 'How are you?-Just so so'. 你好吗?一般般

August 22, 2018


It sounds quite familiar to me from school were i had many native English teachers...maybe the expression is a bit dated?

October 13, 2018


Same I am really confused by this

June 19, 2019


That's what I understood too

November 8, 2017


I have never heard it before, I am more accustomed to someone saying a simple 'meh' in response to how they are feeling if it is neither good nor bad.

August 9, 2018


Puh I make some mistakes while writing.

When somebody ... ... feeling between good and bad ... (haha god x) ä

September 27, 2017


It would have been a useful thing for mw because i often feel like God

October 13, 2018


Same. I am from Hamburg, Germany. I was confused and even considered translations like "Sunday to Sunday"... However, "so-so" is sometimes used in a mocking way when you don't really take the person talking to you serious. It then means something like "If you say so..."

October 7, 2017


why does "es geht" means so-so?

August 24, 2017


    If someone asks "How are you?" and your answer is somewhere apathetically between "good" and "terrible", this is what you would say. It's obviously not a literal translation.

    August 24, 2017


    It's like if someone asked you "how's it going?" and you replied "it's going"

    February 24, 2019


    Does "Es geht SO" also work? Why?

    September 25, 2018


    You'd rather use "Geht so" in this situation, "es geht" is not used by Germans

    January 5, 2019


    so la la is correct. There are multiple different ways to translate this. I went to germany for year and knew the language well and i know that so la la works.

    November 1, 2018


    SusanEliza, you're quite right! --- You could also write "So lala" (there could be a space only between "so" and "lala"). --- It's a colloquial term, that's crystal clear.
    Duo's translation "es geht" isn't a good one (that would be in English for instance "all right" or "not so bad" and in Frech "ça va"). --- But - as always here - care must be taken. There is no context.

    Yes, "so lala" works! I use it several times a week. Par example: I'm arriving at school. My friend asks me: "Wie geht's?"("How are you")? - And my answer: "So lala" ("so-so"). :-)

    January 19, 2019


    So-so in english is like saying 'ehhh wasnt THAT good.' when someone is asked how is it going and its not particularly good we say 'its going'

    February 27, 2018


    Es geht - It is walking probably... or It walks...

    September 10, 2018


    A more literal translation of "geht" is "goes". "Es geht" would mean "It goes". So in the context of the example sentence, if someone asks you "hows it going?" You could say "It goes" or "It's going"

    May 13, 2019


    "So-so" is a normal expression in English. (It basically means "meh" in a polite way. It's a way of rating something being between good and bad. Ex. "How was the food?" "So-so.") But what's the norm in German? Is it "Es geht" or "Geht so" or "So lala"?

    January 11, 2019


    I prefer "so lala". And sometimes I say also "geht so". --- There is no norm. These are (normal) colloquial terms.

    July 1, 2019


    I wrote "so lala" and it was accepted..I leaned this expression in Berlin where I live

    May 4, 2018


    I also prefer "so lala". --- And the meaning? Not really good, not really bad. It could be a typical Monday morning situation… :-)

    July 1, 2019


    What does "so-so" even mean? I'm not a native English Speaker

    June 25, 2018


    It's idiomatic. It means: not good, but not bad either. Somewhere in the middle.

    July 10, 2018


    Idiomatic in English or German?

    August 14, 2018



    August 24, 2018


    "So-so" may mean A LOT of different things in American English. It could mean: -not good or bad -average -moderate -okay -bored -content -meh -it's going (monotanously) -could be better -I'm alive (as apposed to being dead)

    It could be said sarcastically to mean: -aha! I caught you! (Doing something you probably shouldn't be doing) Example: "So... So... Look at what we have here."

    It would most likely be used between people that know eachother. I would never say this to a stranger in greeting as it's impolite to be casual when first meeting someone.

    December 14, 2018


    I'm so glad I looked into this conversation, I wasn't too keen on es geht, so to find it isn't used for this "so-so" is good for me..... Also, secondly - thanks for the "so lala" tip.. I was getting bored of saying "mir gehts gut" all the time, especially when things were not really gut...just.so lala!!!

    April 6, 2019


    Excellent remarks. Thank you.

    July 1, 2019


    Es geht according to Google translate means IT WORKS...? Now I'm really confused.

    May 22, 2019


    @GhittaBass. - The German term "es geht" could also mean "es funktioniert". And in this case the translation is "it works". --- I don't know if this hint is helpful. Here an example: A vehicle was broken. It was repaired. And now it works again (in German: Und jetzt geht es wieder).

    July 1, 2019


    Interesting— I tried "es geht mir mässig" and Duo corrected it to "es geht mir so mittelmässig." Now, dict.leo.com defines mittelmässig as moderate, mediocre, or fair, which is exactly what I mean by so-so. Next time Duo asks this question, I will simply write mittelmässig and see if they agree.

    March 30, 2018


    This answer doesn't seem wrong per se, but there isn't enough context to get the answer correctly.

    August 7, 2018


    I put solala. It was accepted but the feedback was that I missed a space...?

    January 2, 2019


    There needs to be a space between so and lala its not one word

    March 12, 2019


    Very asian way actually. So-so

    June 3, 2019


    Yes! They accepted "mittelmässig." We've learned a new word!

    March 30, 2018


    So is this supposed to mean "it's going"? Like, somebody asks "how's it going" and you respond with this?

    January 12, 2019


    Wtf was this :o

    February 2, 2019


    i am sad about that

    April 8, 2019


    Where on earth did you get this expression from? Certainly not Germany. This must be an Americanism of the German language.

    May 28, 2019


    Not a goos term.

    June 4, 2019


    Bitte umgehend löschen!!! So einen Mist redet NIEMAND!!!

    July 1, 2019


    They posted my second comment (mittelmässig), but not my first (where I said I tried "es geht mir mässig and they corrected it to "es geht mir so mittelmässig"). Weird.

    March 30, 2018


    I think the English question is wrong. It should have been something like: I am feeling so-so or I am doing so-so. This expression is often used in Afrikaans.

    August 14, 2018


    Wouldn't "na ja" be an acceptable reply?

    May 31, 2018


    Found the Australian

    August 23, 2018


    What are thay refering to here? How I am doing? This So-So confuses me.

    August 23, 2018


    As a native English speaker, I don't think I have ever heard anyone say that they are "so-so".

    January 29, 2019


    I never heard anyone say So-So. People do say "so and so".

    November 5, 2017
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