"A zona"

Translation:The zone

March 10, 2013



Just... just be careful using the word zona by itself in Brazil, it has some dirty meanings.


casa da luz vermelha rs


Obrigado pelo seu aviso!


Yes... be careful... just use with normal people... there are many meanings... the most is innocent, but some people have problems with that


Why are there 3 words given as translation, and one of them is rejected when I answer?


Well... here are 3 meanings i remember for zona: 1. Area,zone, 2. A very messy place/thing (esse quarto está uma zona = this bedroom is rly messy) 3. Place where prostitutes do their job


It depends on the context really, take "como" for example, in "Eu sou como ele" it mean "(to be) like" and in "Eu como muito" it means "to eat". In another note it sometimes put words that might be similar, but not necessarily the same. "Zone" and "area" can bet put under the same definition (Any portion of land framed within certain limits), but district goes under another definition (an area of land marked off for administrative or other purposes) which is similar, but not the same.


A little off topic but , however, does anybody know if the differentiation between the Zona Norte and the Zona Sul do Rio de Janeiro are simply geographic or there is something else to know about it?


Zona Sul has surfers, and Zona Norte has guys surfing on top of the trains. (A samba enredo from Caprichosos de Pilares samba school which explained the difference between the two zones.)


good explanation


More words are given so you can distinguish correct words from incorrect words.

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