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The new Dutch material

I was pleased to see the massive recent update of the Dutch tree, with lots of exciting new material, and I want to thank the people responsible for putting this together. It's a real accomplishment. I feel, though, that some revision might be necessary. I have been working hard on the new material since it became available, but am finding it frustrating to be marked wrong (and lose health in the app) in numerous cases where my answer is clearly correct. I have reported the many individual instances, but will cite two here as examples. In the same sentence, I was marked wrong for translating 'buiten het centrum' as 'outside the centre' instead of 'outside of the centre', and klerenzak as 'clothes store' instead of 'clothing store'. I just want to bring this to the attention of the community, with my thanks and regards to the creators of this programme.

August 24, 2017



Those examples have already been sorted. With any new material there wil be errors. Just report them using the report function.


Thank you. I have done so.


It's still in beta so there are going to be errors, just like any other beta course. I'm glad that new material has been added. Months ago it was mentioned there'd be a Dutch tree 2.0, and I'm glad that this is the case now.


I'm sure we're all glad about the new material and know it's in beta (at least unofficially) ;-).
The only problem I see is the health "feature" still being active for beta material, although I personally haven't come across any real clangers yet :-)


I just completed the new Dutch tree. I had to use the shield function twice in the app to prevent me from losing too much health to continue, especially frustrating when many of my answers were correct but were not accepted by the programme. I know that the team is working hard to correct these problems; I frequently get "We now accept this answer" e-mails. :) Anyway, it's good to have this tree completed again. It seemed very daunting when the update first appeared, but it's done!


Thanks so much for all your reports! We really appreciate it.

Especially as the sentences get more complex (near the end of the tree) it becomes incredibly difficult to come up with all possible translations. Between synonyms and different word orders, there can be thousands of possibilities. We couldn't do it without help from people like you! And of course we recognize this can be frustrating, particularly for those who first make it to the end of the new tree. My respect for persisting, despite the stupid heart system. :)


Thank you for this comment, and for the hard work done by you and your colleagues.


I am also hoping that there would be additions to the German tree as well, good work Dutch team!


Exactly, some of the new material was not checked properly and is generating FALSE errors to correct answers.


Is any new material on Duolingo ever "checked properly"? (OK, Norwegian tree update 3 or 4 might have been pretty close...; we'll call it the exception that proves the rule) Just put Dutch-from-English on the list along with English-from-Spanish of long-out-of-beta courses that have updates that need some additional translations accepted. Sounds like the Dutch team is getting to that task with a good deal more gusto to boot.


Ancestry aside, I have no Dutch background. I was very pleased with myself when I completed the Dutch tree (using an Android phone), and I was just maintaining when suddenly the updates appeared. Was there an announcement that I missed?

Seeing all that new material was very daunting, but I have really enjoyed getting into it, and I'm happy that it reinforces areas where I still have trouble.

Many thanks to the Dutch team!

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