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"Je suis là" vs "J'y suis"?

Hey, I was wondering what the difference between these two are. I spoke to a French friend about it, but she said she just knows which one to use, intuitively. Can anyone explain when to use which? Thanks.

August 24, 2017



Difficult to explain in English but " y " refers to a place in that case. For example someone asks you (let say on the phone) : "Es-tu allé au supermarché ?" Then you can answer "J'y suis" in that case " y " refers to the supermarket, it means "je suis au supermarché"

And Je suis là simply means "I am there"


I thought it meant there?


Yeah sorry there = Là and here = ici


Informally, French people use 'là' when they mean 'ici'. So when you want to ask, 'Is your sister here?', you say: 'Est-ce que ta sœur est là ?' If you ask it the correct (formal) way ('Ta sœur est-elle ici ?'), people will look at you funny.

So 'Je suis là' actually means 'I am here'. If you want to say you are there, you can say 'J'y suis'.


Yes, thanks for this! And Jessy is right ; in English, here and there are very different from one another, but I see that in French, they're companions.


To explain simply : "Here" = ici or là / "there" = là (not "ici" because "ici" refers to the place you are currently)


Here in "I'm here" (I'm present) in English is the same word as "I come here." But in French, you can say je suis là for "I'm present" and je viens ici for "I come here."


this helps, thanks

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