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Is there any way to suggest new lessons for your language?

My goal is to become fluent in German and Spanish, and while Duolingo has helped a lot, it's limited by the fact that it only offers so many verbs and other lessons. I know that it's run by only a few people, but I'd be willing to help and I'm sure I'm not the only one. For instance, the German course has a lesson for travel, but it doesn't teach you how to order or what to do in an emergency. Does anyone know how to suggest new lessons, or if you're allowed to help create some even if you aren't fluent?

August 24, 2017



You can only contribute if you are bilingual in both languages so you would not be able to this case.
Duolingo only covers the basic foundation of a language and will not get you close to fluency but it will teach you the basic grammar and about 2000 words to start you off.


I would like more skills to be added in allthe courses as time progresses. In order for this to happen you will have to contact the people who work on the courses. However I do not know how to do this.


I think it'd be nice to learn more verbs, considering how hard it is to hold any conversation but the basic. You could use Memrise for the vocab, but it's horrible for grammar and doesn't really teach you conjugation.


If your goal is fluency, the simple fact is that Duolingo will not get you there. It will give you an excellent foundation in grammar and will give you a core vocabulary, but translating and retranslating a finite number of set sentences isn't going to make you fluent no matter how many sentences it is. I'm not saying that more lessons being added isn't A Good Thing (TM), but that at some point you need to start reading in German and Spanish outside of Duolingo (Wikipedia, children's books, the news), listening to German and Spanish outside of Duolingo (news, youtube, podcasts) and talking to people in German and Spanish.

Like I say, this is not instead of Duolingo adding more content - I should check out the stickied posts at the top of the German and Spanish forums, that would be a good starting point to suggest things to the teams (I also suspect there are German for Spanish speakers and Spanish for German speakers trees that might be of value to you) - but simply a recognition that Duolingo in its current form is not going to make you fluent on its own, no matter how comprehensive the course.

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