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How much has Duolingo helped me and others?

I started Doulingo when I was in 6th grade for extra practice. I did about 30-40 minutes every day so I would get better. I have used duolingo every day even through high school. It has helped me so much that I can't even tell you. I aced every test the teacher gave. One day the teacher asked me what are your study methods and I told her about doulingo and how it has helped me for years. I showed her the website and told her how it works. She was amazed at how much it teaches and its teaching methods. She showed this website to the class the next day. The students were getting better every week when using this website.

August 25, 2017



This is inspiring! Good work! I've been doing it since 4th or 5th grade.


I've used it to help me with my job. In my line of work, sometimes you deal with people who are from other countries, and due to the progression of Alzheimer's Disease, sometimes they lose their ability to speak English. Learning the languages that I have on Duolingo has helped me meet some of their needs and lessened the frustration on both sides of the communication spectrum.

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