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  5. "Unaenda saa ngapi?"

"Unaenda saa ngapi?"

Translation:What time are you going?

August 25, 2017



Asante sana BenUserName :) I must tell you it still isn't clear for me. As first - the question is about - at which time are you going - I suppose :) 2) saa ngapi - in translations I found isn't included " at" and this would change the meaning. ( By the way in my language we also say - how long.) I am appreciate for your help and of course I will take under attencion your note. Looking at the very little number and such a bad quality of materials about kiswahili each help is very important. Salama :)


Perhaps if you have a little context on Swahili time it will become a bit more clear. As you may know Swahili time is six hours off from most other times(ex 6:00 in English is 12:00 in Swahili) This is because 6:00 is thought of as the first hour in the day, because it us regular for Tanzanians to wake at this time(this is also about the time the sun rises). So what they are asking with Saa ngapi, is essentially how many hours have passed in the day. So perhaps it will make more sense if you think of it in a similar way. Instead of "what time will you go." think of it as "how many of the hours of the day will have passed when you go?" It seems wordy in English, but it's just to familiarize you with the term, so as you progress hopefully you will think "saa ngapi" by itself.


Any difference between my answer? What time are you going Vs What time do you go (This ine was accepted)


What time do you go? - not accepted 25 Oct 2020. I think it's grammatically equal to Unaenda saa ngapi?


'What time do you leave' is apparently wrong. Eish!


Leaving and Going are not the same.

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