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I just saw the ghost of Japanese Desktop

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but as I signed on to my laptop to practice the Spanish course, I noticed that it was the Japanese course instead!! How did this happen?! Unfortunately, I logged out thinking I would see an announcement that Japanese was available on desktop, and now I can't find it. Now I'm clear there's a way in, anyone know how?

August 25, 2017



I've been doing the Japanese course solely on web on this account and have a 123 day streak doing it. ^^

I know how you saw it. We were talking in another topic about this a few weeks ago. I actually use a different method to get onto the course on web, but I've also figured out the thing you are talking about too.

The following is when using the Android app and Chrome web browser. It might not be the same with the iOS app or with other browsers:

  1. Make sure both app and browser are open and logged in on the same Duolingo account.
  2. On the browser, make sure you are on the Home page of any tree.
  3. On the app, switch to Japanese from any other course. (If already on Japanese, switch to a different course then switch back to Japanese.)
  4. Finally, back on the browser, right-click on the tab and click "duplicate tab" (OR close the tab and then do "reopen closed tab").

Upon completing those four steps, you should now see the Japanese course tree on web. ^^

Update: Additional steps have been appended in a reply below for how to get onto the lessons and onto strengthen skills. ^^


After doing the four steps above to "view the tree", here are the extra steps needed to do the other two things:

"Do strengthen skills":

Step 5. app: Switch to any other course in which you've completed at least one skill.
Step 6. browser: Click "Strengthen Skills".
Step 7. app: Switch to the Japanese course.
Step 8. browser: Do "duplicate tab".


"Do the lessons":

Step 5. app: Switch to any other course.
Step 6. browser: Click the skill you want to do.

Step 7. app: Switch to the Japanese course.
Step 8. browser: Do "duplicate tab"...
Step 9. browser: Do "close tab" on the tab which just appeared...
(For some reason it doesn't duplicate correctly the first time...)
Step 10. browser: Do "duplicate tab" on the same tab as in step 8...
(For some reason it works this time!)
(At this point you should be able to see the list of lessons and grammar notes for the skill you chose.)

Step 11. app: Switch to any other course.
Step 12. browser: Click "Start" or "Redo" for whichever lesson you want to do.
(At this point, you can actually do the Japanese lesson while on the wrong course!)

Step 13. app: Switch to the Japanese course.
Step 14. browser: Do "duplicate tab"...
Step 15. browser: Do "close tab" on the tab which just appeared...
Step 16. browser: Do "duplicate tab" on the same tab as in step 14.

DONE! The "Test Out" or "Strengthen Skill" buttons also work. You should be able to figure out what you need to do for them.

Have fun. ^^


Wow. You did figure it out. I admire your patience. So cool


I want to express my gratitude for this. It works amazing! It works on Safari on desktop, by the way. Best of luck to those trying this! (Also, these steps will work for Korean.)


Glad you like it! And the best part about it working for Korean is that you can view the awesome lesson notes for each skill! (These go far beyond what they've posted in the forums and are also much easier to read with them having their proper text formatting.) ^^

However, these steps aren't what I use to do the Japanese and Korean courses on web. I use the html trick instead, which for the most part works far better:


Hopefully this works on Safari too? But I've only tested it on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE11, and Edge, as I don't have Safari on Windows 10. ^^


I tried using this on mobile using a Workflow on iOS, and now my iOS app is bricked. :D

Edit: It came back now. Apparently I wasn't the only one with this problem, so maybe it wasn't tied to this glitch.


I used Android and Chrome and tried this and was able to see it, but when I tried to practice I got the page saying it wasn't available for Web.


Yeah, the steps I listed literally only lets you see the tree. You won't be able to click anything. ^^;

In the discussion I linked however, in one of the comments I mentioned I worked out how to use this technique to do the following:

  • view the tree
  • do the lessons
  • do strengthen skills (normal or timed)

The four step process I posted earlier is only for the first one of those three things. It's possible to make use of the same technique with a little bit of variation to do those other two things too. ^^

In fact, you can even do practice for the Japanese course on web in the Chrome mobile browser on your phone! Japanese typing and timed practice on phone! :D


Oh my god, it actually works! Thanks!


On iOS with a MAC and Chrome browser, I got a duplicate tab but this didn't work to get to the Japanese tree.


I imagine it only works using the Android app then, sadly. I think it's unlikely to matter whether you use Chrome in Mac or Windows (although I was using Windows).


I can reproduce it with the iOS app and firefox.


Nice! Guess it does work fine with either app then. Good to know. ^^


Thank you so much! This is so cool!




Oh shoot, it only worked for a few seconds :( (Cries)


Yeah. See my reply to rockerbox earlier in this discussion.

So far I've only explained the steps for "view the tree". I'm thinking to try explaining the other steps needed for those two other things—the steps for "do the lessons" and "do strengthen skills". I'll have a go at explaining them in a separate comment later tonight. ^^


How do you do Korean?


With great difficulty, since I didn't realise Window's Korean IME wouldn't have a romaja→hangeul input mode. I learned hangeul last week before starting the course, but I forgot about the fact I might also need to learn a whole new keyboard layout to be able to type it. xD

It should be possible to use the same steps I listed to get onto the web version of the Korean course once Korean has been released on the app. This is hopefully only a couple of weeks away anyway. ^^


The most I've been able to do is glitch it so I can see the Japanese word list (go to word page, sign into Japanese on mobile app, refresh on web) I haven't been able to get to the tree page though since the glitch doesn't work for that.


I was clearly on the tree page...but I'll try the word list refresh too.


Sometimes I've had my 'last' page come up briefly on a laptop when I'd last accessed Duo on a tablet - some sort of virtual memory hovering????


weird...the course probably wouldn't have worked anyway, but man was I excited.


It doesn't stay long enough. as soon as it appears it dissolves into where ever the ghosts of old pages go....


I've been able to access the Japanese course from my computer using a different method where you edit the source code of the site (it's temporary and doesn't cause any problems). One thing I've noticed is that doing the course on PC won't teach you the hiragana, and you end up just typing out the translations for 2 or 3 words over and over again. This wouldn't be so bad since tiny cards is a thing that exists, but the official duolingo hiragana deck doesn't teach you some of the hiragana. More specifically, it's missing symbols like ぜ or ぎ.

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