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Favorite Ukrainian music

Hello і Привіт! Today is Ukrainian Independence Day, if you didn't know. З Днем Незалежності!

obligatory Ukrainian photo

(today also happens to mark one year since I finished my tree in Ukrainian! yay! haven't progressed too much, been trying other languages besides Ukrainian) :(

Anyway, today I'd thought I'd make a post about some of my favorite Ukrainian music. Although it can be sometimes hard to find music in this language, there is so much out there to discover. (see this post for some other awesome songs that aren't my favorites.)


Ran into this incredible artist on the Duolingo Ukrainian Facebook page, ironically! (what goes around comes around haha) Anyway, ONUKA brings an interesting, somewhat ethereal aspect to music: they combine traditional instruments with electronic elements and (best of all) generally simple lyrics. Go listen to them. Right now.

Favorite songs:

Misto (more wordy lyrics but still a good song)

Vidlik (simplest lyrics EVER. first Ukrainian song I memorized)



Eurovision interval act

The band also has lots of English music, which is great as well.

Христина Соловій
I'll be the first to admit it - I don't know a lot of Ukrainian pop music. I just recently found this artist, in fact. But this song- wow. A work of art.


Хто, як не ти (don't know this one too well but still good)

I think all of her music is in Ukrainian, so she's a really good artist to listen to for vocab and listening.

Світлана Тарабарова
Just started listening to her, but has a great pop, catchy tune and easily understood lyrics.

Добре з тобою

B Project
Okay, it's not really Ukrainian lyrics, but this Youtube channel does make some epic music with traditional Ukrainian instruments. Just felt like this should be on here. They cover traditional songs and pop songs, so I think that this is a good slide to the next topic:

Traditional Ukrainian Music

Ah, my first love!

Рідна мати моя
This song, as far as I can tell, is about a loving mother giving her son an embroidered "towel". (at least that's what the Wikipedia article says.)

Рідна мати моя (favorite version by an incredibly talented singer go check out her channel. it has tons of songs she covers in many languages)

Квітка Цісик version (whoo her voice goes higher than my dreams)

Пісня текст (lyrics)

I have to go to bed now, but I'll update and edit it later, don't worry. For now, feel free to add your favorite Ukrainian songs!

August 25, 2017



I totally agree with you and those songs! I just want to add one more singer like Марія Яремчук. She sings both in Ukrainian and Russian (if someone is learning Russian). I mostly listen to these songs: "Ти в мені є" and "До тебе". And don't forget Злата Оґнєвіч! :D She has so many good songs in Ukrainian like for example "Танцювати". Or Руслана likewise. So, don't hesitate to listen to them! :)


Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely listen to these and try them. :)


Traditional Ukrainian Music
Рідна мати моя (favorite version by an incredibly talented singer go check out her channel. it has tons of songs she covers in many languages)

О, так! ) Дівчина дуже гарно виконує пісню, хоча і з помітним російським акцентом. Але чудовий вокал. А у виконанні Квітки Цесик сподобалося більше, але і у неї є малий (американський) акцент, хоч і не такий помітний ) Слухати приємно.

"Рушник" - чудова україньска пісня ) На 1:11:30 мінуті - оригінал виконання пісні вперше - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01Uvbj6UFa8 Пісня вперше з’явилася на екранах у радянському фільмі 1958-го року "Годы молодые ". Автор вірша - Андрій Малишко. Цікаво, що саме за музику до пісні "Рушник" відомий композитор Платон Майборода був нагороджений орденом Леніна. Це велика честь та досягнення для авторів, коли їх твори "йдуть в народ" та становляться народними. )


Glière's harp concerto is pretty good. (He was Ukrainian -- born in Kiev.)

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