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"Please look at this calendar."


August 25, 2017



この暦をご覧ください。...wasn't accepted. :P


その言葉を聞くのは久しぶりです。 :D 

Thanks to you I remembered that word.


こよみ ? Haha. :D

So I guess that means this word really isn't used much after all?

I know 暦 from the name of one of the characters in the anime あずまんが大王 (one of my longtime favourite anime series). And I've learnt that kanji in Slime Forest Adventure. ^^


The kanji is using as 西暦(せいれき)/western calendar well. :D

'Please, write your day of birth.'

'by 西暦?'

And it is said '暦(こよみ)を見て', when to plan wedding or so. And people choose good day. Maybe originally Chinese traditional culture. The calendar is printed '大安たいあん/', '吉日/きちじつ' or '仏滅/ぶつめつ' or so. They are kinds of 6. They are the lucky days or the unlucky days. You might already know this but .. :D  The calendar what don't have about them increase now.




Wow, that's a very convenient website! ^^

Thanks. That is interesting. So 西暦 is becoming more and more common, whereas こよみ is the word used for the traditional calendar? And カレンダー can be said for any type of calendar?


A convenient? :O

Almost it is used 'カレンダー' as the calendar than こよみ.
'西暦' have already familiar long long time. '西暦' and '元号(げんごう)' are used parallel. (I don't know how to use 'parallel'. But I want to use this word. cool! :D 'Parallel' is used like 'パラレルワールド' in Japanese language. Right?)

元号 is 'era of Japanese Emperor'? 'era name'? 'the year what depends on Emperor'?


'Please, write your the day of birth.'

'Which is good? 西暦' or '元号'?

This year is '平成/へいせい29年' and '2017' for us.


So, should「このを見てください。」be accepted?


Why を instead of に?


In English, “look” (in this sense) is an intransitive verb; it takes an indirect object connected with “at”.

みる is a transitive verb (“see”); it takes a direct object marked by を.

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