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"Er ligt niets onder de stoel."

Translation:There is nothing underneath the chair.

August 25, 2017



In terms of English, saying "There is nothing under the chair" means and would be understood to mean the same thing if worded: "There is nothing underneath the chair". Both should be accepted as both suggest the same translation in English. Of course it may well be this is two entirely different meanings in Dutch; but if so, I would really appreciate someone enlightening me as to the difference.


From what I've read, there's not a big difference between under and underneath. Underneath is generally used when you want to give something more emphasis. Both under and underneath can be used for the Dutch onder.


Thanks, then I'm glad I reported that my translation should have been accepted because I said the same thing only I used "under" -- it was counted as wrong. No biggie, just glad to know it.


Concur, I did the same


Under is more common in standard English usage, though there is nothing wrong with underneath.


When should I use "niets" and when "niks"?


Can "stoel" be translated as "stool" as wel as "chair"?


To my knowledge, a "stool" is a "kruk", like a small platform with three legs, something like that. Not quite a chair and definitely not a luxurious one.


Oprah has disappointed me for the last time!

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