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iOS app suggestion: buttons in the list of Facebook friends should be in different color


I frequently use Find friends on Facebook feature in the iOS app (that's because it doesn't work on any of my desktops). Lists of Facebook friends are usually long, and on it, there are usually very few people who use Duolingo.

That's why I suggest that you make the Follow button in some different color, that would be more visible during a faster scroll through the list of Facebook friends.

Thank you.

March 30, 2014



Can you elaborate on what you mean by it doesn't work on any of your desktops? What happens when you click on "Find more friends on Facebook"?


I run Duolingo as a Chrome app on two computers, one is a Mac (OS X 10.8.5) and the other a PC with Windows 7. The "find more friends on Facebook" link does not work on any of them. Also in Profile Settings, I don't see as who am I connected via Facebook Connect and the Disconnect button is dead as well. http://oi61.tinypic.com/ra44k1.jpg Like I said, FB Connect works fine in the iOS app.

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