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365 days + still loving DuoLingo

I missed posting this discussion a few days ago when I hit 365 days of using DuoLingo. I am about 80% complete. I am taking my time going through the tree. I don't want it to end. I do about 30 to 50 XP per day. Usually I am redoing an old lesson to learn more words. I have a regular time and place going through my lesson daily. I am learning a lot. I still love DuoLingo after a year. Thank you for reading my story.

August 25, 2017


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Very nice!

When you're you feel you're done with Duolingo, try something new, like graded readers, word puzzle, simplified news, songs . . . keep learning in new and interesting ways :)


Congratulations! We are at the same level. I've completed all the lessons on the "tree", keeping all branches golden before advancing to the next lesson, usually doing one new lesson per day


Well done, keep up the hard work!


Gut gemacht – weiter so


Congrats!!!! Gut gemacht


Congratulations! :D


Congrats :)

I've been using duo for maybe 14-15 months now trying to learn Spanish, experimenting with English & German for ❤❤❤❤❤ and giggles, and am still getting annoyed w/ some of the mistakes they make ;}

My personal efforts are anywhere between NIL/day (e.g. when on vacation in remote locations) to 200 XP a day (weekend and bad weather).

Skiing last week ended my last 1 month streak ;}


Day 386 and still loving Duolingo

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