"Dat is precies hetzelfde!"

Translation:That is exactly the same!

1 year ago



why is "precisely:, instead of "exactly", not considered a correct translation ?

1 year ago

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They are synonyms, so precisely should be accepted as well. Use the report button to report please.

1 year ago


I also used "precisely" and got the answer wrong. Like the others said "precisely" is a synonym of "exactly." Not cool.

9 months ago

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I have just tried the same - after all, it's the obvious word to choose, being so similar to the Dutch "precies". I have reported it.

Edited to add: I have now seen another sentence in this lesson with the word "precies". From memory, it meant "He is precisely (or exactly) as fast as the horse". I tried the word "precisely" there, and it was counted as correct, which makes it even stranger that it should be marked wrong here.

8 months ago
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