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Duolingo, Focus!

Hello fellow Duolingo users! I'm hoping to get this message out to the people behind Duolingo. There are many things going on that I want to address.

First off, we already have so much. I love Duolingo for the fact that there is so much to it already. I love the flashcards/words feature, I love the audio helps, I love the Tips & Notes, the courses, etc. etc.

But, they are not available on all devices, nor even perfected themselves.

Android & Computer has no Duolingo Bots, the apps on devices in general have no Tips & Notes, lots of people would still love a badge for completing courses that the public can see, etc.

Why this post is called Duolingo, Focus! is because of the fact that there are so many great things Duolingo already has, but it isn't across all devices and it isn't solved and etc. Many people would be ecstatic if Tips & Notes were more accessible (in app), many people would love communication in Duolingo Groups/Teams.

Instead however, Duolingo is doing a whole bunch of other side stuff that the majority doesn't even want. And I get that positivity is good and I see a lot of negativity against Duolingo's actions, but to be brutally honest, if someone were actually listening and reciprocating the opinions of the majority, everyone would be happy and learning effectively.

People don't want the Health and Gems feature because it's restrictive. In fact, I finally found the article I had once mentioned, ON THE SITE STATISTICS.

The link: https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/05/3-habits-of-successful-language-learners/

Where it's found: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002887326-What-is-Health-

It's literally found in the area talking about Health and Gems, and it totally disregards the fact that people should be practicing ONLY WHEN HALF WAY THROUGH THE STRENGTH BAR. They shouldn't be practicing over and over again an already goldened skill and they shouldn't be punished for small errors either. You could've found a solution for such, encouraged people with notifications out of app or even in app that a skill is ready to be goldened again.

The whole freedom of the app after the hearts feature brought many people to Duolingo. I know many people who were turned off simply because of the hearts feature. Health is definitely a step backwards. However, there are many new things coming, some annoying and some amazing.

For example, Duolingo Labs, Duolingo Stories, Duolingo Events, etc. AWESOME. I LOVE THEM, THEY COULD BE THEIR OWN APPS, I WOULD DOWNLOAD THEM, ETC. ETC. But on the flip side, there are also Gems. And I love Lingots, I thought Gems would accompany Lingots, not replace them. I don't want to have so many Lingots, but I do want Lingots to stay, let us use lingots to buy gems, or, take away all our lingots and make them as expensive as gems are now.

And when I say focus, I mean focus, you have a great opportunity here to start giving people what they want with excessive lingots, you always have. How about, more customization, more personal characters, course completion badges, buy Duolingo Story books with these lingots (maybe link it across apps if you guys do make it separate apps?), etc. etc.

The overall point here is that there are so many great decisions and good things already, and Duolingo isn't realizing them and using them to their greatest potential. This is what the majority wants, this would make people more happy and more motivated and probably better educated, with them especially not being put down for getting small wrong answers.

Down below, I'm going to put a list of ideas that Duolingo could actually use or do, that doesn't include Health and Gems and all these horrible new things. I love you Duolingo, but you gotta focus on what you've already got.

August 25, 2017



• Edit: Better roll out on all devices in general. Show how things work at least if you are just testing it on one device. Many of us are in the dark with Health & Gems and Duolingo Bots.

• Tips Notes on all devices.

• TinyCards on all devices.

• Edit: Better those Duolingo Bots and put them on all devices.

• Duolingo Words flashcards (preferably on app).

• Personal Duolingo Characters With Customization.

• Duolingo Stories.

• Duolingo Sentence Discussions on all devices.

• Duolingo Events.

• Duolingo Course Completion Badges that the public can see next to comments and photos or whatever.

• Duolingo Clubs with real, authentic communication.

• Better Duolingo Communication in general online and together, MANY PEOPLE MISS THE NOTIFICATIONS STUFF.

• Duolingo Videos. (Edit: for things like grammar concepts or listening comprehension situations or vlogs or congratulations, etc.)

• Duolingo Skill-Ready-To-Be-Regoldened-Notifications (preferably within app).

• No more Health and Gems unless maybe asked or as an option.

• Better Duolingo help on new alphabets/scripts, TinyCards does this somewhat well.

• Edit: Focused Learning, i.e. getting to put more listening exercises than other exercises. Better tests that show individuals what they need to work on (could be taken with irl money or a large amount of Lingots), if they need to work on listening, writing, speaking, etc.

• More encouragement to those in the incubator, maybe work on the Incubator more, for more languages and for getting languages out of there because Czech, Klingon, Korean, Japanese, etc. are all very close to being finished or are finished but basically neglected by the Duolingo team. Not actually, but Czech is most hit by it (see their latest incubator post for proof lmao). But it would be great for more urgency to get things in and out of the incubator quicker.

• Etc. etc. , Everyone should comment down below their opinions and their ideas as well. I do wanna try and keep this positive for the most part. I still love Duolingo, I just want Duolingo people to focus on what we already have and everything.

• Thank you, that's all for now!


Very good ideas list! I prefer the already existing stuff to get developed more and more, to solve major problems as it is the problem of characters and alphabets, so as to boost language learning with more alphabets than the already existing ones. No, I don't think this problem have been solved already, as it is not permitted to mix in the version the mixed use of words in different alphabets, as for instance the Greek alphabet together with the Latin one.

I would like also to develop the Stories part more. I don't care or use Gems, I don't need them actually, lingots is an educational coin that is enough for me.

Thanks for the list, it is very a well structured and rich, I hope Duolingo has in mind options like these for the future.


I agree with the alphabets thing, they need to be better taught and focused/exercised and also be able to use latin script and stuff. Greek and latin scripts are so similar, even I get frustrated having to switch keyboards at least TWICE in ONE practice or learning lesson. Thank you for your suggestions!


I gave you those lingots. Great information!


Thank you very much! Haha, now if only I had more to do with them


you can give them to other people if you don't need them anymore. Thats what I do anyway. I give the lingots to people who write good and reward-deserving comments.


Oh yeah I agree, I'm grateful, my comment was aimed at Duolingo in light of this post, sorry if that came off as rude to you, it wasn't meant for you, haha, thank you again!


Please give us the ability to tailor our own learning experience according to our needs, by giving us the option to set the frequency and types of exercises we are getting. If I could set the ratio of translations INTO the target language and that of typing exercises in the phone app, Duolingo would be the perfect language learning tool for me. Even if this feature were only available in Duolingo Plus, I would be willing pay for it.


I highly agree! If we had to sign up for Duolingo Plus to make specific focuses in our language learning in the course, that would be amazing! Thank you for your two cents!


great post mate.

one thing i really want them to focus on is to get languages out on all platforms at the same time. been waiting for Japanese for months to come out on computer, but nope, its just on mobile. why?? they shouldve waited until they couldve released it on ALL platforms!


I was wondering why so many people had Japanese in their flag list. I was thinking it was far too many for alpha testing! How can they do that - how can Duo treat us computer users differently from mobile?


I agree with so many of these suggestions. They would make Duo a much more interactive experience, as well as provide some much-needed variety. The key things for me would be:

-More translation into the target language - e.g. I would love more English to German translation rather than the other way around.

-More stuff to spend lingots on, because at the moment they're pointless.

-Get rid of the levels or make them mean something.

-An option to decide on your learning style, similar to Quizlet where you can choose how you want to learn, what kinds of questions to be asked, etc.

-Continuity between the web and app versions of Duo, because at the moment they are inconsistent which is very annoying.

-More structured teaching of grammar. I'm learning German and the grammar is very confusing. For the most part, I've found myself doing my own research to try and figure it out, because Duo likes to just throw stuff at you without much explanation.

Thanks for the list.


Yes! I strongly agree! I suggested Duolingo Videos where they can maybe explain grammar concepts and even show native speaking and listening situations or something, that would be extraordinary. If we could spend lingots on videos and unlock videos and stuff according to our levels (so that they have more meaning), Duolingo would be the best app ever for language learning.

Thank you for participating and reading everything!


A video that shows you - visually - what sentence structure is supposed to look like, would be excellent. I feel that I know a lot of vocab, but when it comes to putting the words in order I completely die inside.

In the meantime, for any German learners, this YouTube channel does a decent job explaining grammar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsYMk_FCTGBxmwKFiCynFwg


Ooh thank you for the video, I've actually been getting into German a bit lately! And also, that would be amazing if we got some sentence structure videos! Sometimes things are just said differently, in different places than in an English sentence. Some languages put time and setting after sentences and adverbs before the verb, etc. Videos would really help, even if they were just based on Tips & Notes


Nice post. I'll add my huge dream about having things released for Windows operated devices. It so happens every single time there's a release of something new, like a language the roll out is for iOs, and Android. Windows? Nope, never. And it so happens it doesn't get roll out, until the new stuff is already on the website. I'm not computer savvy, I guess it's already a lot of work to get things running on two platforms, but if they decide to start with apps first then please play fair, and give eveyone a chance to use it, or just focus first on the website release for everyone and then on the focused platforms. Because no matter how much I love duolingo, I'm not buying a new phone, tablet or computer.


I would love to have Duolingo Clubs on computer. It's really annoying that all my friends have a Club, but I can't join it.

Great post, though!

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