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  5. "You write."

"You write."

Translation:Du schreibst.

August 25, 2017



I thought 'Sie' was for ''she' and 'they'? But here it acts as 'you', furthermore the next words ends in 'en' so I would think it means 'they write'?


Sie is also the polite form in German, cf. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Sie .


When presented with Sie but both schreibt and schreiben there is no way to tell which duo is looking for...


Can you provide a screenshot of the exercise you were asked to do?

If it was a translation exercise, I assume you were given the sentence "you write" -- that should let you know that Sie schreibt. (= she writes) is not a possible translation and that you have to choose Sie schreiben. (= you write).


Sie schreiben mostly means "They write" not "you write". A pretty terrible exercise by duolingo if you ask me


Yes. It's the polite form


Why is it not "Ihr"?


ihr schreibt is also a possible answer.


Is there a difference between the two?


du schreibst is used when you speak to one person whom you know well.

ihr schreibt is used when you speak to several people whom you know well.

Sie schreiben is used when you speak to one or more people whom you do not know well.


Can it be "Du schreibst"?


How on earth can you determine what "You write" translates to?!?!?!?!?!!??!


It depends on the context and Duo will correct accordingly.. Du Schreibst. OR Ihr Schreibt

For Formal: Sie Schreiben.


I understand the difference between Sie and du, but I am wondering how strict this distinction is in spoken German. If I address a stranger as "du" will they be offended? Assuming the stranger is just a regular guy on the street, not the pope or Elvis.


If you are obviously bad at German, they might be a little surprised at the use of du but will put it down to your being a foreigner and not knowing how to speak German properly.

If you appear to speak reasonably decent German and address a stranger above the age of 25 or so as du, they may well get offended.

If you address a policeman as du, you may even get a fine.


Warum Du schreibt nicht korrect ?


The subject and the verb form do not match.

Verb forms for du almost always end in -st, so it would be du schreibst.

schreibt with -t would be the verb form for er, sie, es or for ihr, so ihr schreibt is another possible translation for "you write", when you are speaking to several people rather than just one.


You write demek sie schreiben mi demek sacma burda bir kelime atlanmis


sie schreiben değil Sie schreiben.

sie = "o", "onlar"; Sie = "siz"


Why it is sie? When it writes you?? You is du or ihr. . .


"you" can be one of du, ihr, Sie, depending on how many people you are speaking to and how well you know them.


There is no "you" in the options. To gwt the correct answer for "you write" you must choose "sie". This is ridiculous! Unglablich


Why is it not ' schreibt'?


Because you can't leave out the subject pronoun in German -- it has to be Ihr schreibt. and not just Schreibt., when you are speaking to several people whom you know well.

Or Du schreibst. if you are speaking to one person whom you know well, or Sie schreiben. if you are speaking to one or more people formally.


The wrong question:"you write" , it must be "they write"


How is this correct? the only options were "Sie" - is this not: They write?? Should it not be Ihr or Du?

  • Sie schreiben.
  • Du schreibst.
  • Ihr schreibt.

All are correct translations of "you write", depending on how many people you are speaking to and how well you know them.

Sie schreiben. can also mean "They write." -- at the beginning of a sentence, it's impossible to tell the difference between sie (they) and Sie (you).




6 I thought 'Sie' was for ''she' and 'they'? But here it acts as 'you', furthermore the next words ends in 'en' so I would think it means 'they write'? Why is it not "Ihr"?


badly worded statement. No indication of which form of you is being asked for in the answer!


You = du Sie =she Sie = they They write


Sie is for they and she but can sometimes be used as you. But since we were given the English version first abd had to write out German, du,sie,and ihr could be used.


No; sie cannot be used.

The polite pronoun for “you” is always capitalised: Sie.


Had to write 'you write'. The only logical way was to choose 'sie' and 'schreiben'.. Why is that? 'sie' also means like 'you' but ro a female?


Sie (always capitalised in this usage) is the polite pronoun for "you". You can use it whether you are speaking to one person or to several people.

Informally, you would use du to one person and ihr to several people.


Can it be "ihr schreibt" ?


Can it be "ihr schreibt" ?

It can indeed.

That is what you would say if you are speaking to several people at once.


How do we know whether "you" is singular or plural, or how well we supposedly know this or these people?


How do we know whether "you" is singular or plural, or how well we supposedly know this or these people?

Generally, you can't -- and so all three options for "you" will be accepted.

The verb ending has to match the pronoun you choose, of course -- something like du schreibt or ihr schreibst will not be accepted, not because of the pronoun, but because the pronoun and the verb do not match.

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