Today is my 730th day = 2-year streak! Come over for birthday cake!

Hello! Celebrating today, and I made a virtual green owl cake with two silver candles on top, and I hope you stop by and have a bite!

I am grateful to all the people I have met here. You are inspiring me to keep learning. And I'm so happy having found Duolingo, a fun place to practice and learn more. My deepest gratitude still lies with the riveting experience of translating together with fantastic people back when there was still the feature called "immersion" on Duolingo.

When I began I didn't think I would keep my streak this long, but one day at a time, and here we are!

Have a piece of cake!

Saludos, hilsner, greetings, y abrazos a mis amigos

August 25, 2017


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¡Sapos verdes a ti,
Sapos verdes a ti,
Sapos verdes Camilla-danesa
Sapos verdes a ti...

... y muchos más!

THANK YOU Cleeent! Me gustan sapos verdes!

Dang, I had my hopes up for a second. I realllllly wanted some cake, ;).

Gracias Lento_Rodriguez soleado!

The green birdy cake was great, thanks, happy birdy y que cumplas muchos más!!! :-D

duonks, thank you for stopping by! All your achievements are amazing!

Congratulations! That is totally awesome! Where can I find the cake?

It will be available at the conclusion of the test. I invited your best friend, the Companion Cube.

And Gladys will kill... I mean guide you through the test. XD

...Wait a minute!! DA CAKE IS A LIE!!!!

look again... I've added cake. You're welcome :-)

No, your cake is real (well, not real real, it's a virtual cake), but the cake from Portal is a lie.

Hiya Woof..... Great to find you here, eating cake with everyone ☺

Hiya toggitang. Same with you.

:-) ;-) down the hall and inside the second virtual door to your right

/give @a minecraft:cake 64

I've added the cake to my profile picture!

Yay! It exists!

Five seconds later

That was good cake! Sorry for eating all of it.

That's awesome Camilla, 2 years is a very long time! Keep up the good work!

thank you, yes it is a long time, hard to believe!


Today is my 1 year streak, hoping to get to two years like you!

wow! Nice! Happy first Duolingo birthday!!!

Other than Duolingo, what other methods do you use to study?

reading comic books, listening to good singers on video, watching movies, taking classes,

Der Kuchen schmeckt ziemlich lecker :)

Glückwünsche auf den Streak!! Tolle Arbeit.

CONGRATS! Also, congratulations for having three languages at level 25, and for your incredibly adorable avatar pic. The cake that never ends!

Thank you so much Katred2!

Woooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

thank you thank you!!! :-)

Haha amazing job!!! Congratulations on all your achievements - and yes, I do believe I'll steal a bite of that cake you mentioned! :)

have two pieces! :-)

congatulation good job

Congratulations on two years! May your language learning and streak continue. :)

thank you! I'll do what I can!

Oops...I meant "may" :)

thank you, and happy learning AmandaSteiner!

Congrats to you, Camilla-danesa, and good luck to your future endeavors! ♪ cheers! ♪ ☺

thank you! and thanks for the music!

Feliz cumpleaños a tiiiiiiiiiiiii, feliz cumpleaños a tiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Congrats! :)

:-) big smiiiile!

Congratulations! takes a lovely piece of virtual cake

hands you a lovely glass of strawberry juice to go with it
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Congratulations. And you may celebrate tomorrow as well ;-). (2016 was a leap year.)

good idea!!! thanks! 1237 day streak... wow!

feliz cumpleanos y bien trabajo

¡muchas gracias!

¡Enhorabuena! :)

your profile statement is wonderful, made me think! thank you!

That's amazing! Buen trabajo! Bon travail! My longest streak is only 1/7 of yours. Thanks for the cake, pastel, gâteau! Hoping for many more streaks to come!

Thank you! that's a nice collection of languages!

This is truly a cause for celebration...congratulations on your achievements and many thanks for sharing your "cake" with the entire community...

Operaphile, you made me smile, sharing my cake :-)

¡Felicitaciones! Félicitations ! Grattis! and Congrats! Bon anniversaire !

Tak, thank you, spasebo, merci, Danke, gracias

well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-)))))) Thanks!

congratulations " -----------, I would like a piece of cake, i'm so hungry :p haha

here is cake, and here are some birdseeds if you're still hungry ;-)


Lorel90, thank you!!! nice streak!!

Yummy cake you made! and good job!


That is what is required to learn a language, a skill or accomplish anything of value.

You have that quality in spades, Camilla - and many more good qualities as well!

smiling now; dipping a finger into the side of the scrumptious cake and touching a bit of frosting to your nose

It's not a party unless we are free to play and goof off a bit, yes? : ))

it's a party, that's for sure! Thank you for the charming words! How are you CharmingTiger?

Doing great, thanks! My attempts at language learning have fallen by the wayside, but I'm doing a lot of reading so at least my brain is getting all the stimulation it needs, hahaha. I can still run through that Spanish tree looking for gold when I need to though - lord knows I've completed it more than enough times! : ))

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