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"Zul jij me helpen als je tijd hebt?"

Translation:Will you help me if you have time?

1 year ago



i thought Can you help me when you have time was the same

1 year ago

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That would be "kun je me helpeb als je tijd hebt?" in Dutch.

1 year ago


Can 'als' mean both 'if' and 'when' or should is only use 'wanneer' for 'when'?

5 months ago

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Als can mean either in those situations where if and when are interchangeable in English: describing a condition or assumption.

When I am tired, I sleep.
If I am tired, I sleep.
Als ik moe ben, slaap ik.

It is my understanding that only wanneer is possible in a question about time.

When are you sleeping?
Wanneer slaap je?
But never Als slaap je?

But there is a distinct difference, I believe, between the two (als, wanneer) in some contexts, like when speaking about a specific event and not a condition.

I zal je het boek geven wanneer je aankomt.
I will give you the book when you arrive.

Ik zal je het boek geven als je aankomt.
I will give you the book if you arrive.

I also would interpret these differently:

Als de vlag wordt geheven, hebben we niet verloren.
Wanneer de vlag wordt geheven, staat iedereen op.

I think the first indicates a condition (if the flag is in a raised position), while the second has to do with the time or moment that the flag is raised (by someone).

1 month ago