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How do I fill in my 3rd Bonus Skill?

Hello, For the bonus skills; I finished the idioms and then the pick-up lines; but there is a third slot. And I can't find anything to fill it with. So, I can't get the check point ticked even though I finished everything else. Does any body know how to fix this or fill in the third slot?

March 30, 2014



Yes, the Christmas skill is the 3rd one that comes in around Christmas time. I'm very sure cos that's what happened last year. We should petition Duolingo to add more bonus skills!


I vote up on more bonus skills. Especially around Halloween!


Yes - I'd love Halloween Bonus skills!


I would love a Halloween Bonus skill also. I wrote that on another French thread to fill the 3rd Bonus slot with Christmas or Halloween.

[deactivated user]

    did I just miss the Christmas one ?


    Looks like they stopped doing the Christmas bonus skill because it caused performance issues: https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/7lyi4j/duolingo_will_not_be_offering_christmas_skill/

    The OP is archived but the first and subsequent comments are useful. There are at least a couple Reddit threads along these lines.

    No idea why it would cause performance issues, and they did a big UI overhaul several months ago, so why didn't they fix it? Or at least stop indicating that there's a slot open if there won't ever be a way to fill it. It's maddening!


    If not a Christmas skill, then why not a Halloween skill to fill in the 3rd space?


    No Mustafaozhan, the Christmas one didn't come out this year. I am doing French.


    Not that I noticed and I checked every day


    It's been years, with many updates, they should get rid of that third slot.


    I have also found this comment useful. Have 3 lingots!


    Thanks for clearing up my confusion. Have a lingot!


    How to you have 147 day streak!? So cool!


    Stick around. You'll see people with 1000+


    Ask and ye shall receive.


    How to u keep up with that amount of streaks wow


    this is tremendously sad to look at... rip your 1342+ day streak


    HOW do you have a 1296-day streak? This is improbable


    He just kept learning for 147 (maybe not continuously because you can buy the streak freeze with Lingots and it will protect you from loosing your streak for one day).


    Thanks! This was very helpful!




    A lesson on puns would be absolutely magnificent.


    I didn't know I needed that in my life until right now


    i want it

    i need it

    yes all the yes take a lingot you've earned it yes to this


    How do you keep up with so many languages?!


    I would first need to learn to say jokes in my native language


    There should be a massive selection to choose from, possibly created by users. Duolingo, listen to us!


    A bonus skills wiki! Moderated and with parameters set by Duolingo.


    I've read these forums too much. While I'd like to see more skills, I'd prefer they be made by Duolingo.


    Oh wow yes please that’s a great idea. Have a Lingot kind sir.


    That would be really cool.


    I was wondering the same thing. A bonus skill on technology/electronics would be really cool


    it would be great if there were more skill places and added things like that there!

    [deactivated user]

      It indeed would!


      I gave you a lingot because you know like a million languages haha




      I'm starting to think alphabets would be a great third or fourth skill. Maybe...nursery rhymes?


      Absolutely! Even at "55% fluent", I still don't know how natives pronounce individual letters.


      get an italian the vowles are easy and the consenents are very easy gli in italian is pronounced lee - li


      sorry get an italian book or dictionary


      Susie, I love that idea of learning the alphabet and nursery rhymes to fill in the 3rd slot. Therefore I gave you a lingot.


      I read on another discussion thread that the third bonus skill is about Christmas, and it is time -limited. You have to buy it with your lingots no sooner than Dec 14th. Very strange feature to have in an internationally available program. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I happen to, and might have been interested, but I was unaware of the content and the time restriction. I thought it might be a skill that they were holding in abeyance until I got to Level 30, or 75%...only to discover again recently having passed Level 25 that there is really nothing after that. No new vocabulary, and occasional new construction. I have been doing the French. I do not know if other languages have the same bottoming out at Level 25.


      Also doing French, and thought the same..but no I still can't fill mine either.


      You have to wait for Christmas or December it is one of those two, I would say just keep checking it in December


      I have checked everyday for the last 2or3 Christmases very annoying


      I used to have the bonus Christmas skill in my old account for German/Spanish but then it got deleted. I don't want to buy the second bonus skill because it is just stupid so it would be nice if Duolingo would make it easier to get it.

      • 1899

      I thought I saw someone had done a Christmas one... There are lots more subjects out there. gardening, fixing car/burst water pipe/heating/house/internet problems,


      i think they add one for each holiday,but they should add a third so you don't have to wait. idk if they know we can't move on. maybe someone should write


      you can move on. just go! i have not done any of the bonus skills. moved ahead and am in last tier of skills.


      The app on my phone only showed me two options for bonus skills but when I logged in on the computer there was a third skill available in the store. Even after I saw this third skill online it was not available to see on my phone. Luckily after I added it via the computer it does show on my phone in the third spot, but not under the mobile store.


      ah now that is helpful. computer not app


      how about riddles you have to solve


      There're so many opportunities: slang, mythology, modern culture, etc. Hope they begin to add some of these


      maybe the third one will come with an update. I think it might be like toys, cussing, or country names


      They want this to be a safe learning environment and therefore would not allow a cussing bonus skill.


      Thanks ! I had the same question !


      Oh, how annoying - but at least that's my question answered!

      [deactivated user]

        Same with me. The third skill...


        Try getting the seasonal Christmas bounds skill available only around Christmas time.


        how many languages do you know????


        My first language is English but I am trying to learn Spanish using duolingo and the only one I haven't completed is the third bonus skill. Someone said it's a Christmas one and is available at that time of the year but for the last 2 Christmases I have checked everyday but still can't open it. It's very infuriating


        Maybe you're on Santa's naughty list.


        Seriously can someone help me out


        This is a seriously late reply, but from what I’ve seen on the thread, the third bonus skill comes in December and is available for a limited time (until the 14th). Hope that helped :)


        I had heard the same, i.e. that the third skill was Christmas related, and time limited. In December 2017, I therefore checked every day. The skill did not appear. Hopefully it will fill with something. It makes some sense that if it ever was Christmas, it is not any longer. This is an internationally available program. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I would like it to be useful phrases.


        Don't know. Wish they would add a couple more "odds and ends."


        It's back - 30 lingots


        i have the same thing i want to get a third bonus skill but none are in the store


        a slang one would be good


        Chinese has a Net Slang lesson but I'm not sure about other languages


        It's kind of weird that there are three slots but two bonus skills


        I don't know if it was covered here yet but, a bonus skill for Spanish that would be helpful is construction terms and phrases.


        Construction terms and emergencies (for EMTs/firefighters/nurses)

        I would definitely pay for each of those bonus skills to be included in Duolingo.


        Is there anyway we can request another bonus skill in a update?


        A "colloquial lang." skill would be brilliant, as when an English speaker talks in French, it sounds too formal for a conversation. Therefore learning some informal language after unlocking everything would help you master french!


        It is on christmas and it is only there in the store when it is in the holidays


        I wondered about the third slot, thanks for explaining. Maybe something in Scots English?

        Aye right - - double affirmative = sarcastic negative for example


        It would be cool to have a slot where you put the words that want to learn in and it helped you translate and learn them in lessons!


        100 lingots to whoever can tell me is there going to be a Halloween bonus this year?


        Initially there were three available bonus skills: Flirting,Idioms and Christmas. I don't know what happened but they removed Christmas from the lingot store.


        I think it was a special Christmas thing. Maybe they'll put it back next December :D.


        It's the war on Christmas! /s


        I think that they should add a bonus skill for all holidays instead of just christmas

        [deactivated user]

          Step 1 I do not have bonus skills for some reason Nope none at all


          How unusual. And a little sad for you. Flirting and Idioms are the current two choices. They should appear on the tree right after the very first 4 basic lessons. At least this is the case for French and Italian. I see you are studying American English. I do not recognize the first flag. It is a shame there is no direct contact method to DL. I suppose they would be inundated, especially since the Crown launch. One hopes they monitor the forums, but who knows. Anyway, wishing you bonus skills at some point.


          Forgot to add, just in case...I see you are fairly new to DL. Bonus Skills are a "purchased" item. You "purchase" them with in the DL "store" with your lingots earned from practice.


          Polish and English doesn't have bonus skills


          I want more slots, my mind likes to get dumbed, i like to think that i have the option to choose another skill: Names, maths, jokes. My point is that the just open slot will give me peace.


          yaralingo I wish instead of the third slot being Christmas it was festivals so like Bonfire Night, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day.


          Halloween is only in America!!


          And bonfire night is only in the UK.


          Halloween is also in England


          I would LOVE a dialect bonus skill. And I would love even more a whole selection of bonus skills. I'd happily pay for them with lingots. I have 70+ lingots sitting around and nothing to spend them on except the quiz. (I'm not interested in maintaining or freezing streaks.)


          check on the lingot store. I think it costs 20.


          I think it should be Slang and Colloquial expressions. But maybe that could confuse you about the stuff you've been learning :D


          Omg yes! I've always wondered what they use for slang like "ur" "u r" "omg" "lol" "jk" etc in other languages!!!


          I think it is humorous that in Spanish, instead of Hahahaha it is Jajajajaja.


          some say "rsrsrsrs" for "hahaha". I think it's portuguese.


          in Brazil you say "kkkkkk" a lot instead of hahaha


          If you want to use slang go to a small town in italy there dialects are full of sland


          I got past checkpoint


          All are good suggestions! I just want a 3rd bonus skill in general :D


          the third slot comes randomly, afterwards, right now its christmas


          BTW, the third slot is Christmas or holidays, I forget.


          you will have to wait for Christmas


          It would be better if there was a link to tanki online in the bonus slot!


          Do we have a way to create our own bonus skills? They'd obviously need to be tested first, but I think we could help create some great content.


          You can apply to work on a course at https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply. If they accept your application you could probably create a new bonus skill. You will need to know the Spanish for the skill though.


          Thank u, I’ll check it out & see what I can do or not do. Lol


          No problem. Besides, if you are able to create a bonus skill, it will help us all.


          Heres some suggestions for the 3rd slot;

          1 Poetry 2 mathematics 3 common abbreviations for the language 4 Holidays (not just christmas, and let us open christmas year round please) 5 Countries or customs for the related language 6 Media consumption i have more here but im tired of writing.


          Maybe even something about technology or video games eh?


          yeah that would be cool


          The Christmas skill only comes around at Christmas time on French. I think there should be another bonus skill section somewhere else on the tree with other bonus skills. I find that the bonus skills are hard and set your mind to other less useful words, so I do not recommend buy them till are quite far on in the tree. The section for bonus skills is under food and animals, and the bonus skills are at the bottom of the shop


          ooh! or a holiday one!!!


          I feel that I should be moving forward it is very repetetive


          Cursing and slang bonus skill please!


          I think you need to pass more levels first


          should be swearing jaja


          The christmas bonus skill should be available around december


          Haikus would be cool.||| Cultural Haikus Maybe?||| Please, DuoLingo|||


          If I were in charge, I would make a conversation skill. It asks you a question and u answer.


          Or even better, they could implement that as a permanent feature, like the microphone or timed practice, it would be useful in all lessons.


          Actualy on spesific OSs there are "bots" and you are supposed to have a conversation with them unfortunately this is only on a select few versions.


          Maybe like some kind of pop-culture bonus skill


          Maybe there could be one for slang/ texting language


          The test of whether or not you know a language is whether you know the slang. :)


          I like the idea of having user created ones and not just these three slots. They would have to be reviewed but then it allows for some creativity. You could even have some or all of the lingots go to the author.


          Bump, my ocd of wanting them to go full gold and there is a grey + in the middle of it all


          how about one to learn spanish


          as far as i or anyone else knows, there's no consistent third skill. however, some ideas that i don't think have been said yet:

          • anime-related skill when

          • seasonal skills (not just christmas) for all languages with special skills for certain languages (easter, halloween, thanksgiving, independence day and president's day for americans, oktoberfest for german, etc.) available all year round so we can practice

          • this one's already been said but it bears repeating: teach me how to pun in german or some other language

          • 2016 american slang skill (yes, it's that different, trust me on this)

          • memes, because this is the internet

          • actually, the internet in general would be good

          • social skills (how2conversation) for all languages

          • teach me how to use sarcasm pls

          have i covered everything that should be added yet or


          bump! I'm still surprised there isn't a third skill. I guess not even completing the tree does it. Hmm...


          so it's Christmas time...and no third skill. where is it?


          It is December (2016). Where is the third bonus skill??? I have been waiting all year.


          When I go to the Lingot store I see -BONUS SKILLS1 slot open-, but no clickable link, so I can't get to whatever it is suppose to be. I finished my Spanish tree several months ago but cannot get the last bonus skill completed. I thought it would show up at Christmas but it has not :-(


          I don't know why, because it makes no sense, but I think its availability has already come and gone


          Hi, it was available for some time in the beginning of the month and I was able to add it. However, it seems to have been removed again now. Tough luck you missed it :-(


          Yes, it's pretty disappointing to have to wait another year :-(


          I've been waiting a year for a third bonus skill and it has finally arrived! IT'S CHRISTMAS!


          I downloaded the Christmas skill on French and German and now it has disappeared in both. In the shop it says it is equipped but when I go to my extra slots there is no Christmas skill there! Does anybody else have this problem as I would really like to learn about French Christmas?


          Merry Christmas! Who wants to help me get the number of lingots I need to get the Christmas bonus skill :)

          And I saw the Christmas skill yesterday, today it's gone! Why?!?!?!!


          i'm trying to delete my skills but fail to


          Maybe a brief historical oversight...?


          I'm going to finally get enough lingots to get one course and what I discover is that the secert 3rd one comes at Christmas and it's January now! I'm butt hurt


          three years and this has not been fixed.


          So, I have waited patiently the past few weeks and still there is nothing to fill the 3rd bonus skill. This on top of the stuff up muddling the pronoun skills, German is beginning to disappoint me. Why are these issues not being resolved?


          It is frustrating not being able to find the third bonus skill.


          I think a halloween one will be great


          I agree with you Sasha. It would be nice to fill the third empty slot with a Halloween skill. After all, anyone can celebrate Halloween, not just Europeans. People can celebrate Halloween, even if they are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Pagan, or any other world religion.


          Can we please have multiple new skills that can be bought for lingots... I've got too many but nothing to buy! @admin and @mod


          We can have a lot of fun skills like slang, jokes, riddles, trivia, music, songs, pop culture etc. This will really help bring variety and keep people coming back for more!


          And who else wants to have Harry Potter themed skill?!? How amazing that'd be for all the potterheads!! I can even pay a hundred lingots for that... Duolingo: Harry Potter skill- buy for 100 lingots? Me: shut up and take my money! :D


          I agree, there should be more bonus skills like festive events, the alphabet, puns, riddles, quotes or jokes. I would also like it if there was another costume for duo. That would be cool


          It would be awesome to have "cursing" bonus skill! hehe


          I think one with slang would be really cool!


          That is an awesome idea. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to go around without knowing slang.


          Yes! If peeps be talkin like I am right now, how else will we understand them?


          If "peeps" were talking in the way that you are I would ignore them.


          In English, something that really pisses me off is when people don't speak in a way that is grammatically correct. But if people are talking like that in another language and it's something really important, you need to be able to understand them, right?


          For example: I ain't got notin'... This sentence would normally be used to declare that the speaker has nothing (with them), but really it means that they have not got nothing, and therefore by basic logic they have canceled out their intended meaning (through a double negative) and have really said "I have something". Also ain't is not a word.. Is that the kind of thing you mean? Because that's kinda irritating to me too xD


          i very much agree with having a bonus skill like that.


          Please get this comment to 100 upvotes!

          [deactivated user]

            I actually kind of agree.... But I also want a mathematics one.

            [deactivated user]

              How about Math curses?

              [deactivated user]

                "Your social life is about as exciting as the derivatives of e^x"


                Curse??? The derivative of e^x is pretty ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ exciting and you know it! O:


                "Your voice sounds as lively as the graph of y = 2"


                LOL Aaaaaaaand that gets a lingot! On that note, I am suddenly inspired to watch the Big Bang Theory again.


                XD that is so funny.


                maths one would be cool!


                learning how to curse would be good since we know how to in our first language, why not the second


                yes..... i just google translated, but swearing in german is like, my life......

                [deactivated user]

                  I argree too


                  Definitely. Also, one that teaches the sounds animals make in a different language. That would be neat. Also, maybe a mythology one.


                  That would be cool


                  Yes! Duolingo please listen to us! A plethora of bonus skills to choose from would be fantastic...


                  The third bonus skill is available again and it is "Christmas". Glad to finally get that 3rd skill, but your suggestion is very intriguing...


                  Hi! When did your third bonus skill open, after finishing which slot?


                  Hi Martina. It appears that the third slot only becomes available seasonally during the month of December. I had actually finished the language tree and obtained the first two bonus skills by August, and that 3rd slot remained closed until early December.


                  It is December; but I cannot see the Christmas unit. Can anyone else see it? Is there a reason I'm not seeing it?


                  I saw it a few days ago, but then apparently it was only up for a few days, then they removed it. :(


                  I am waiting for the Christmas unit as well. Has anyone else been able to get it in 2016?


                  I can't see it either :/


                  I am waiting too :)


                  Well that is a letdown! I mean, not everyone celebrates Christmas... But if you want to complete the tree, you have to learn how to talk about it in another language.. Smh


                  It's not about just Christmas. You learn vocabulary related to gift-giving, New Year's celebrations, and celebratory events in general. Meanwhile, not everybody celebrates Christmas, it's true, but Italian people do.


                  Christmas is an integral part of french culture so in that perspective it is important.


                  The bonuses are bonuses. You are still counted as having your tree completed if you never elect any of the bonus skills.


                  I see this post a year ago and since that time I'm waiting for Christmas. now it is 23rd of December, I don't have my 3rd slot open and I'm longing for some Christmas magic...

                  holy cow! I'm not even celebrating Christmas!


                  cogbon: I will wait for December to give you a lingot. lol :D


                  do you have to finish the other tow to get the christmas one? because i sure don't want to waste my lingots on the pick up lines


                  Lol, I hear you...I would just do the "pick-up lines" anyway b/c the thing is, by the time you get through the language tree and December comes around, you accumulate so many lingots that you will be ready to give lingots away, trust me.


                  thanks so much cogbon! i'll give you a lingot for your trouble


                  Apparently the pick up lines one is extremely cheesy so no one would probably use them so go do it for some laughs


                  thank you! now i know to look for it.


                  Lol is there any other seasonal skills? Can you spot me some extra ingots too? ;)


                  Yes, okay, but it would be nice if you would add a third bonus skill for German.


                  couldnt find it, how did you get it?


                  I would like that, too. It would be nice know even just to figure out if you were being swore at.


                  I think you can tell by someone's face and the intensity of their words if you're being swore at, regardless of language


                  Unfortunately you cannot when people are being snide to mock you in a group when they know your linguistic skill sets are not on par to understand.


                  it's pretty easy if you look up the swear words, you will understand them very quickly so it's a point for both of you


                  And see, I'd be the one to confuse people and very angrily say "I REALLY LIKE YOUR SHOES." or some other trite nonsense.


                  I love your profile picture! 11Six Clique is everywhere.


                  Remember, this is supposed to be child-friendly. If they include cursing, some idiot who forgot to turn on the child safety thing will probably sue DuoLingo for a lot of money.


                  I do know how to curse in German. Just watch the Book Thief. (or google translate)


                  This is helpful considering I'm taking German now. Lol


                  My class is reading the Book Thief. It's the one time I can swear in class without getting in trouble (We read in a theatrical way, so it's kinda like acting and reading at the same time.)


                  The cursing skill should be, like, a bit more lingots than the others because only dedicated learners should do those (or a way to confirm your age is 18+)


                  i am never ever going to do the cursing skill.


                  If you have yet to earn "a bit more" than 10 lingots, you really should actually be trying.


                  lol same for me!


                  i totally agree. I want to be able to curse someone out in spanish or italian


                  Spanish curses (particularly those from Mexico) are the absolute best.


                  You get a lingot for liking Hetalia as much as I do. What's your favorite ship?


                  I think they should add a heap more bonus skills; cursing, maths, biology etc


                  That'll be awesome


                  oh my gosh yes I need that....


                  Aren't cursing words the same as in other languages?


                  I honestly think we would NOT be benefitted by a "cursing" skill :€


                  I totally agree! ;D


                  Don't want to look a gift horse (or owl!) in the mouth, but would love to see that third bonus skill slot get assigned something. Will be following this discussion. Is there a suggestion box? How about a For Traveler's? I like the Cursing suggestion best, but a Holiday skill sounds good.


                  This didn't get added around christmastime like we were hoping.


                  French, German, Italian and Spanish did, but the Dutch did not. Probably not developed for it yet?


                  I cannot wait until they release the Ukrainian bonus skills.


                  What's the third bonus skill called?


                  It's Christmas, but only offered seasonally, I believe?


                  Except this year it wasn't. Which is exactly what I am saying above. >.<


                  Except this year it was...on mine, anyway...


                  it was but only in december


                  I want to continue with italian but spanish keeps coming in. What can I do?


                  What do you mean?


                  Change the language on your profile settings. The last one you enable will always be shown by default


                  It would be awesome if they made bonus slots that are based on events in the countries that speak the language. Like Karneval (Fasching) in Deutsch or independence day in July and Royal celebrations in May for English. That sort of thing and of course including seasonal holidays shared between languages like Christmas and Easter


                  Ok I have a question. I'm working on Turkish right? And for a while there was two bonus skills and now they're gone,how do I get them back so I can buy them because I have like 100&something lingo points because I've saved them just for those two anyone please help if you can my name is Alucard0030 please add me on doulingo please and thank you


                  Yaralingo, have you got a suitable answer? I am looking for the same. Can't find anything that fills the bonus-skills space.


                  So is the Christmas course ephemeral?


                  Will there be a Spanish christmas bonus skill in 2015? Its Dec 8th and its not available yet


                  I agree with the users that want to get a third bonus skill. Why would duolingo make a third bonus skill and then not give a course to fill it? Here's hoping that they resurrect the Christmas skill, but it is Dec. 10 and nothing yet.


                  Christmas is at the store!


                  I know. I had the same problem till about 2 months ago, you to be, like, past the third checkpoint line to see it in the store.


                  Maybe a lesson in Italian gestures:)


                  I think that if the page creators have time, they could do a bonus skill for all of the seasons/ holidays, like spring, summer, autumn, winter, new year, easter, thanksgiving, hallowe'en, and christmas. Also, there could be a skill for something native to the language.


                  Or maybe like a music one. Famous songs, oldies, new ones etc. Famous bands... Instruments?


                  Yes! How do we open it???


                  I have come to the same point and problem. Can any help me please. Carle


                  The third one is Christmas so you probably have to wait till Christmas comes around


                  Why not an astronomy one? And like other based sciences, ya know?


                  +Jelly589 :D ok i will


                  It's "Christmas", but you can only get it in December. I wish it was cursing or something more fun though.


                  just keep going. you do not have to fill them in. skip and go on....


                  Is there a third bonus skill?


                  We should have a bonus skill or an entirely new section or imperatives and interjections


                  Probably not a bad idea, a few automatic "thinking time" phrases might be good - - like

                  Vamos a ver - - Let's see

                  Mas o menos - - More or less

                  Dos Cervezas por Favor - - :-)

                  and more that could be thrown into conversations to give time to think in Spanish for the next part of the interaction.


                  Did anyone figure this out? Because I'm having the same issue.


                  I had idioms and flirting for some reason I dont get the pickup lines


                  My wife won't let me use the pick up lines - - - :-)


                  I think that slang, alphabet, nursery rhymes, jokes, riddles, other holidays and may others are all great ideas!


                  You have to remember that these are "BONUS" skills. So you don't actually need to do them at all really! But of course, the challenge is to get the whole tree to GOLD!

                    • so that would include the bonus skills for most folks. I still believe many would benefit from "thinking time" phrases - - such as "Well, let's see" and "More or Less" which you throw in whilst you are frantically trying for a reply to a native Spanish speaker who has assumed you know much more than your carefully rehearsed sentence.

                  Have a lingot on me - - !Amigos para siempre!


                  And we need to sign a petition!!!!


                  See my reply above to you Walter, and enjoy the rest of your voyage with DuoLingo and the Owl!

                  Sorry about the Spanish reference, I now see you're not doing Spanish, but to me the same thing applies to any language - - the small talk thinking phrases are important to help you along.

                  Have another lingot - - :-)


                  they should make a bonus topic about phrases you will really use in a foreign country. I think it would be more important for me to be able to ask where the bathroom is rather than knowing how to say ant or something like that


                  Good point CatherineK, in Spanish - -

                  "Donde estan los servicios, por favor"

                  usually works fine. But again, most of the free language apps or phrasebooks will give you that in the basic phrases sections, no matter which language you are studying. A bit of research should find them. DuoLingo is trying to teach a bit beyond that level.

                  I'm putting a Blog page(s) together on Wordpress for my "stroll through Spanish", using DuoLingo, and I will include your idea there.


                  This is just a beta to see where I can go, but you are welcome to visit and comment, just a few entries so far.


                  Did the holiday lessons ever come out last year? I never saw them in the shop, but I checked every day.


                  You have to start checking like a month or more in advance. By the time Christmas comes along it's no longer available.


                  Christmas was cancelled at Duolingo this year. I checked everyday from late November till Dec 25th. No bonus 3. I am disappointed though it makes sense. We live in such a multi-cultural world. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I like the idea of the third bonus skill being slang. When I studied French in northern Quebec, we learned Joual. It is what you actually hear on the street. This was an advanced class. I appreciate DL wants us to learn the rules before we break them.


                  From what I’ve found out by reading the thread, apparently there’s a third skill that comes in during December, and is available for a limited time, until the 14th. Hope this helps :)


                  The third bonus skill is one that we get in the Christmas holidays


                  There should be differentered options to select. We need for Spanish please. Necesitamos para estudien tes quien aprender español


                  Its Christmas time now and my 3rd bonus skill never appeared. So is it safe to say that the Christmas idioms are no longer available?


                  You are right. They are not offering Christmas skill anymore. Not everyone celebrates Christmas in a multicultural, Hollywood world.


                  I don't celebrate the pagan festival of Tammuz, but I wanted the Christmas bonus. It is unacceptable to leave it blank. To the "big society" untermenschen who meddle and stir up strife... stuff them. Stuff Hollywood even more. Ende.


                  Ich bin von deiner Meinung. I agree with you. I believe it is better to celebrate Christmas and Easter, rather than satanic or Hollywood holidays.


                  It is frustrating not being able to fill the third bonus skill. Please can you give us one.


                  I really wish they would do a common phrases bonus. Like slang forms or talking.


                  I wish they could do seasonal/holiday bonus skills


                  If they don't have a bonus skill readily available, why not just get rid of the slot so we can pass the checkpoint?


                  I wish they had one for every holiday, even minor. That way we could have the opportunity to do them more often. Or even if just for the holidays in the culture for whose language we are learning. I think that just makes sense.


                  One of my questions answered – thanks all!


                  dummys do not answer, just hope for some ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ thing. if you don't know the answer then don't pretend you can do something. duolingo is a bad app and it cannot be fixed. take a real class, duolingo is a stupid program that is not up to snuff.


                  I am the same as the last comment


                  What do you mean?




                  do not read any comment below as NONE of them give any answer.


                  The third bonus is supposed to be for Christmas, however I've not seen this appear, it did come online in previous years apparently during December - - so who knows?


                  no, no one knows how to fill it in, it is a fault with duolingo, poorly written program


                  Cursing ought to be an option


                  Duolingo wouldn’t do that, it’s supposed to be a safe and educational program.


                  i want a kawaii one (look it up)


                  Wait until duo adds a third skill


                  Ha ha! Just signed up for the 3rd Bonus Skill on each language I am taking.


                  When they offer it in the Lingot Store, you can get it if you have enough lingots. Also, there is a way to link into the skill by going directly to the page, or at least there used to be, not sure. You can look up how to do it online or search the discussions here...


                  How many Lingots?


                  im to stupid to know or care


                  i m bored have money


                  Give me lingots


                  maybe names would work


                  Yeah, I like that idea too.

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