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Level 25...twice!

I missed out on doing the customary celebratory post for finishing both of my trees... so I'm going to make up for it now. After about two and half years, I reached Level 25 in Italian yesterday and in German just now.

The best thing about is that I forced myself not to take on other trees until I reached Level 25...so now I can start another one...or two!

August 25, 2017



Well done! Do you plan on learning more than what Duo has to offer in those languages (which can be fairly basic)? And how are you using/applying those languages you have learnt so far?


Thank you! Yes, for Italian I've already started doing some self study and am about to put a lot more focus on that.

One of my goals is to be C1 or C2 level in four core European languages (French, Spanish, Italian, and German), and then a few other languages that interest me at a lower level. I passed the DALF C2 exam a while ago in French, but I have a long way to go for the other languages.

For now, I plan Italian to be my main focus to bring it up to a solid B1, inching towards B2. On Duo, I'm going to see about bringing back my rusty Spanish, with a bit of Catalan when I fancy a break! German is just going to have to wait, unfortunately.


Congrats! That's amazing! Good luck with your future tree/s!


wow awesome. 2 and a half years !!!!! Wow!!!!!


Thank you - I'm sure you'll be there in no time with Spanish.




Great achievement! Congratulations, herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch und tanti auguri! :-)


Danke schon, grazie mille!

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