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  5. "Kula haraka"

"Kula haraka"

Translation:Eat quickly

August 25, 2017



My fiance from Tanzania says to make an adjective into a adverb i should add a "u" at the beginning...maybe she meant only if the word "kwa" is also present like "Soma kwa uharaka."

I dunno...shes sick of teaching me. Anyone know anything about this?


That seems reasonable. Uharaka is a noun, meaning fastness, and kwa uharaka would be with fastness.


Eat fast is also acceptable in English, though less formal than quickly.


I know this is a command section. But doesn't the sentence "kula haraka" also mean "to eat quickly/eating quickly"?

Just trying to put everything together as I go. I'd like to know if I'm wrong (and how).

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