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"אתם אוכלים מספיק פירות וירקות כל יום?"

Translation:Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables every day?

August 25, 2017



No matter how many times I listen to the audio, I hear “דורות” instead of “פירות”. Is the recording wrong, or am I wearing my ears backwards today?


I hear it OK, it sounds like 'perot' to me.


I guess it’s right, although I still hear it wrong sometimes. Now it seems that I can hear it either way at will, like the classic optical illusion with the cubes that are either concave or convex. Weird.


Atem okhlim maspiq perot viraqot kol yom?


The use of ו infront of ירקות contract to form a new sound


Thanks Jordan, I knew that the vav meaning “and” is here pronounced vi, but since I heard “raqot” following vi, I wondered what happened to the first syllable of yeraqot, vegetables.

Since then I have found out something new about vi before words starting with a yod with a shwa under it.

Jerusalem is yerushalayim but “and Jerusalem” is virushalayim.

The first syllable after vi disappears!

Yeladim is children but “and children” is viladim.

I mention this so that DL users will understand it when they hear it, but most native Hebrew speakers use “ve” for “and” in every situation.


Can כל יום also mean "all day?"


No, it means every day. All day = כל היום.


“A day” rather than “every day” is more natural.

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