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How does Turkish stress work?

Sometimes I hear the first syllable of the same word being stressed and other times I hear it at the end. Duolingo being inconsistent or is there such a pattern in Turkish?

August 25, 2017



I think you cannot always trust the TTS in Duolingo. It's sometimes inconsistent.

Normally the stress falls on the last syllable but there are 3 exceptions (maybe more, feel free to add).

1) Some loanwords might differ on that. i.e. kamPANya
2) Some endings don't take stress and the stress falls on the previous syllable. i.e. BURdayım. (both -da and -Im don't take stress; but sometimes it's flexible for example you can add stress on the suffix -de if you want to emphasize that.)
3) In some kinds of proper names such as places and surnames the stress falls on the syllable just before the last one. i.e. çıNARcık. If that's a compound word consisting of two words then the stress falls on the last syllable of the first word. güZELyalı


I can only say how Turkish stresses me. ;)

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