If I wanted to be able to write on a resume-type document that I was 'fluent' in a language, what sort of test could I take to prove it? Where could I get such a test? I know Duo offers an English test for French speakers, but I don't believe that would help much in my case. :)

Thanks in advance!

August 25, 2017


It depends on which test. For English, there is the TOEFL. For Spanish, there is the DELE, and so on.

I'm a native English speaker, so I would be looking for a French test and a Russian test. :) I'm also looking for other online Russian courses, since I am steadily working through Duo's tree.

If you're working through the duo Russian tree you aren't really fluent. Do you know Russian outside of duo?

Oh I wouldn't say I'm fluent - but life is all about planning ahead, right?? Anyway, yes, I do know Russian outside Duolingo. I have been studying it for longer than Duo even had the course, and I have managed to survive in an immersion environment. :)

The certification for French is the DELF, and for advanced levels, the DALF.

Exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!

Maybe sign up for a course offered by a reputed institute (Alliance Francaise has many for French). They even offer testing and certification as well.

Another alternative may be to take a college level course, which should also be recognized by most employers.

If you write on a resume that you are fluent in a language you do not have to prove it as its up to the person whether to believe you. If they don't believe you they can provide their own test.

True, but I'm looking for something I can get graded on so that I can present my grade to whomever it may concern.
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dancepointe, just curious what type of jobs are you looking at, or will be looking at?
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I agree with SamoolTheSamosa, in the States, unless it was a requirement for your job, no one will even ask unless they were just curious and want to throw a sentence or two at you to test their own language skill. But, I realize this isn't true everywhere. I have a friend in Quebec Province, Canada and if you do not come into the interview speaking fluent French (or can not prove that you speak proficient French) you can not, I repeat, can not get most jobs. This is because by LAW one HAS to speak to other employees in French (an exception is working for specific English entities where everyone speaks English, like in certain churches, for example).

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