"Il marche nu."

Translation:He walks naked.

March 10, 2013

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too much information


... yes, about too little clothing


This better not be in public.


Public. Too much information. Okay, my turn. Every year in Seattle vast numbers of people ride their bicycles together in a nude bicycle parade. And, no... I've never seen it.


More information: That happens in many other cities beyond Seattle. ;)


Would it be worth commenting on if he marched nu in the privacy of his bathroom...


I received the prompt as an audio to transcribe; I wrote it in the plural form (Ils marchent nus) and it was marked wrong. However, I don't think there would be a detectable difference in the sound; aren't the singular and the plural homophones, here? If anyone can explain why it has to be only singular, I'd appreciate the clarification--thanks.


I ran into this same problem. Without further context how does one know if it is singular or plural? Also I did this while doing practice and not a lesson so there wasn't a context of category in which one or the other is expected.


I try to read at least one news article in french every day now. I think I found my article for today, thanks!


If more than one nudist there would be much more to the story


This reminds me of a scene on the TV show "Three's Company" from the 1970's. Their landlord had been playing strip poker and lost all his clothes and was going home, wearing a barrel, when he was stopped by a cop. He had to hold the barrel with both hands and the cop wanted him to do something, which I forget, but it would require him to take his hands off the barrel and he was "nu" under the barrel, so he said, "Have a heart". It was funny.


what's wrong with this lesson, Duo? Can u imagine a naked crazy guy sitting in front of the computer and learning this lesson?


What's with all this naked stuff? "Est-elle nue", now "Il marche nu", what is the infinitive form of "nu(e)(s)"?


Doesn't 'nu' count as an adverb in this sentence (as opposed to an adjective)?


"Naked" ("nu") doesn't describe "walks," but rather the subject, "he"--so it's an adjective (in predicate position)--as opposed to "The naked man walks," where it's an attributive adj.


I think you're damn damn here


That's why I translated: he walks around naked.


It is describing him as opposed to his walking, so it is an adjective.


Bravo ! Il n'y a rien de honteux avec le corps humain.


I'm naked,while writing this.thanks for your time. And God bless America

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