English Teachers in the Guatemala Duolingo For Classrooms Project.

Hello everyone, I've been a user of Duolingo for awhile now for personal language learning. I'm doing research into the Duolingo For Classrooms project in some public schools in Guatemala. I'd like to contact English teachers involved in that program and see how they are using Duolingo in their classrooms. If anyone can connect me with any of those teachers it would be most helpful. If there is already a Duolingo Discussion about this, please put the link here. Thank you in advance!

August 25, 2017


Hi SpanishBullet! I am a high school teacher who has used Duolingo for a few years now with my students. I have used it with both teenagers learning Spanish and adults learning English. You can contact me via my email: if you think I can be of help.

September 15, 2017

Hello. Thanks for your response! I just sent you an email.

September 19, 2017

Hello there!, I have been motivating students to use duolingo to increase their English level, my students, young adults, they use their phones, or computers to do their lessons at anytime they are able and motivated to do it. in my dashboard, I am able to see what they have been doiing. Something I am afraid of is that if it is an asigned homework, that someone lese do it for them, I'd like to find a way to avoid cheating!

April 6, 2018
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