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I miss one-minute timed practice.

For a brief time, on Android, the blue button in the lower right corner had a stopwatch instead of a dumbbell. Press this button, and translate as many words as you can in one minute.

It was beautiful. A perfect way to kill time in small increments, and very helpful for keeping a tree golden efficiently.

Although the feature got all kinds of shade on the discussion boards, I always loved it. But shortly after its debut, it disappeared. For a while a similar feature popped up just on Sundays, but now that too is gone. I've tried downloading old versions of the app to get it back -- no luck.

I made this post to show my love for the one-minute timed practice feature. Do you miss it too? Maybe you never got a chance to experience it during its brief shot at existence. Maybe you were skeptical at the time, but now that it's gone you find yourself thinking back on all the good times you had together. Maybe you, like me, loved it, but never stood up for it in the forums when it was disparaged.

I realize that feature requests on Duolingo consist of little more than hope and prayer. Well . . . consider this my hope and my prayer.

August 26, 2017



You can still do timed practice on web, including on the mobile browser on your phone. ^^


Are you sure I can do the "one-minute" timed practice? I don't mean the timed practice where the time goes up for every answer you get right. I would be really excited if this feature still exists for mobile browser on my phone.


Sorry, I mean the normal "timed practice" found on web rather than that "one-minute timed practice". I've never seen that feature as I rarely ever use the app on my Android phone. I was just suggesting an alternative in case you only use the app (which I can't even remember if it has any kind of timed practice mode...)

I guess it's not quite as useful for what you want, but sometimes you can answer a single question and let the timer run out and it will regild a skill (if you were lucky and only a single question away). Since the timer starts at 30 seconds, there's a chance of regilding skills quicker than a minute this way. ^^

But yeah, that one-minute timed practice feature sounds pretty handy. As long as it is an optional mode, that is.


Yes I miss it too!


I wish I had that. But I didn't know it existed until now. Sigh... :'(

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