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"The women are in front of the library."

Translation:Le donne sono davanti alla biblioteca.

March 10, 2013



According to my grammar book and what I have learned "alla" means "at the" and "della" means "of the" so why is my answer "Le donne sono davanti della biblioteca" incorrect? Any help much appreciated.


Prepositions don't have a direct translation. You must check them in context.

"In front of" = "davanti A"


Thank you. I seem to have a poor understanding of this area at the moment. My grammar book is very basic as is my understanding! Do you, or anyone else out there, know a good learning resource or reference for this sort of thing? I still seem to get so many apparent errors due to errors of context such as this. Again, any help much appreciated.


I am trying to make a FAQ with the links I use to explain things. You can find it here... http://duolingo.com/#/comment/233855

Many of those sites have other useful resources as well, but as a native Italian I never had to learn Italian on the web! So it's difficult to judge how much they can help.

Prepositions are so difficult, I think I will never be able to use them perfectly in any language. One day I will forget Italian prepositions as well. :D


Rejected this also: Le donne sono di fronte della biblioteca.


What is the difference between Davanti and In fronte

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