"The women are in front of the library."

Translation:Le donne sono davanti alla biblioteca.

March 10, 2013

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According to my grammar book and what I have learned "alla" means "at the" and "della" means "of the" so why is my answer "Le donne sono davanti della biblioteca" incorrect? Any help much appreciated.


Prepositions don't have a direct translation. You must check them in context.

"In front of" = "davanti A"


Thank you. I seem to have a poor understanding of this area at the moment. My grammar book is very basic as is my understanding! Do you, or anyone else out there, know a good learning resource or reference for this sort of thing? I still seem to get so many apparent errors due to errors of context such as this. Again, any help much appreciated.


I am trying to make a FAQ with the links I use to explain things. You can find it here... http://duolingo.com/#/comment/233855

Many of those sites have other useful resources as well, but as a native Italian I never had to learn Italian on the web! So it's difficult to judge how much they can help.

Prepositions are so difficult, I think I will never be able to use them perfectly in any language. One day I will forget Italian prepositions as well. :D


Rejected this also: Le donne sono di fronte della biblioteca.


What is the difference between Davanti and In fronte


"Di fronte" implies that one is facing the other, whereas "davanti" can both mean "in front" and "ahead" If you are behind me, then I am "davanti", if I turn around to face you I am "di fronte" and also "davanti" (a te)


Can sono be replaced by stanno?


"le donne sono davanti della biblioteca." was marked wrong-why alla not della?


I notice Duo accepts both "davanti alla biblioteca" and "davanti la biblioteca." Is the "a" optional? Always, or only in some situations?

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