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Interesting facts about Duolingo

Before we start, i just wanna own up to something. it took me 13 tries to actually put this up because I kept falling asleep and because of the stupid autocorrect put on my computer! :). Anyways, enjoy!

  1. Duolingo has around 25 million users monthly

  2. The average number of Dueling Exercises completed monthly by all of us combined is a whopping 6 million!

  3. Duolingo updates their database about 3,000 times per second thats 180,000 times per minute

  4. Duolingo is a free site, but it is worth around 700 million dollars alone!

  5. There are about 100,000 teacher accounts on here. I'm wondering how many student accounts are on here now!

  6. There are 62 Duolingo courses but, there are only 19 languages taught

  7. 53% of users study english here

  8. thats all folks! This was kinda short but heres more info as well as this: http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/business-directory/24390/duolingo-stats-facts/

Peace out Skele Fam!

August 26, 2017



25 languages that you can learn, not including learning backwards to English nor the Japanese and Korean courses that are available in Alpha testing on mobile. Of course that was information posted in July and perhaps gathered before that? 23 languages available to learn from English and 2 that are not available from English, but are available from Spanish. I have to put my computer on 67% to see the whole drop down menu from my flag above. I really loved it when they had that menu scroll, but that seems to have been temporary. More courses are coming out. There are 34 languages listed that will be to learn including the ones that are already out: https://incubator.duolingo.com/ Then more courses to learn English from even more languages which may come out in reverse later.


I gave you 5 lingots! Great information!


That's interesting actually. In a discussion I saw, somebody said that a tenth of the world population is doing duolingo!

I'm surprised how many people do duolingo. I always thought duolingo was very good and useful but I never realised that it was that good. It has helped me in learning, but I never thought that so many people liked it. Your facts are very interesting, here's a lingot for you!


I have only seen Duolingo claim 200 million total users.

I think the 'tenth' refers to the fraction of the population learning a foreign language, though I would happy to see a quote saying otherwise (if you have a link).

Edit: It looks like the 'tenth' might be a reference to people learning English (both with and without Duolingo).

Approximately 1.2 billion people are learning a new language and 800 million of those people are learning English to get out of poverty.


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