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"My niece did not eat potatoes with sausage."

Translation:Моя племінниця не їла картоплю з сосискою.

August 26, 2017



Why do we not write зі сосискою since it's a consonant?


I think зі is used when there are two consonants in a row: зі мною, зі своїми, зі значенням, зі зброєю etc.


Thanks for the clarification.


Again, in Ukrainian nephew / niece is небіж / небога. Племінниця is a copycat from Russian

[deactivated user]

    Both are acceptable, according to the dictionaries.

    And how do you know it’s a copycat, anyway? It might be just a form from a different dialect.


    Added "небога", now it's accepted. Both are Ukrainian words and are accepted. Many words etymologically related to Russian, Polish, German etc. might be copycats; doesn't make them less Ukrainian if they are commonly used and officially recognized.


    Why do you assume Ukrainians borrowed, and not Russians? Ukraine is closer to the territory where Slavic languages emerged. :)


    Should be pronounced сосИскою, not сОсискою

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